RE-Veging a continous grow garden

Yeah, big relief! There is still a bit lingering around, but I think today is going to be chop day! Going to do a “modified” 3-part wash. I heard baking soda raises pH and that a pH of over 8 kills mold. So I’m going to soak it in that first for a few minutes, then add lemon juice to it and let it soak again for a couple of minutes. Then 2nd bucket of hydrogen peroxide and water, and 3rd just the water rinse.
Since I did a major trim of fans and anything I could see the stem of, hoping this will be quick, 20 minutes per plant, 5 plants. So 3 hours by the time I fill 3 5-gallon buckets 5 times!


March 12 , 2023 activity last night.

If only I wasn’t allergic to Pizza. How can that be? Tomato & Onion & beer?
She made it to the big tent!

A neglected beauty (in the making).


ILGM Maui Waui 11-11-2022

A reveger- that was trimmed from bush land.

A second re-veger in back right corner

And the tent favorite, this week. Summer 22 seed dropped 11-1-2022

A second rooted (minimal roots) flowering clone placed into seedling dirt today and back under clone dome.
2 clones look like they are history 4 holding good color 18/6.


When I see that it is either a big mole or a mountain beaver at work. Where did it go…?? Ha

Four rat traps, just waiting.

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Decided to place third clone (Twin Flower Branch) in seedling soil-solo cup and back under dome.
Dip in rooting compound and hole dusted with BigFoot.

No roots but some nubbs, maybe, so what the hell. Dirt time.


Yeah, I’ve got to take my cuttings later today. I did bring up 5 plants from downstairs, sprayed them with ammonia before putting them in the tent last night. Checked on them this morning, WPM is gone, and they are happy there. Sprayed the 4 others and left them downstairs under the small light.
So I’ll mix up some nutes for the ladies, then use a 50/50 ratio of it with water to pre-moisten the ProMix, and plant 10 of them. Any others I cut I will just put in lightly nuted jars of water. And then tie those biotches up!

She has been in water for two weeks and not rejected (2/6 rejects).
No roots just bumps, so I figured time is now.
I took another cutting from a re-veged plant

an attempt to thin the bush and maybe, she likes flowering cloning.


America Best Glasses,
Amazingly, I saw this and I have seen them before, just not on this lady.

One Nanner, and here is a clue

My Stripped Balls guy.
And the original with delineation


Eagle eyes good spotting. Makes me think of what iyd be like to have 10 or 12 plants, lots to examine.

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I was, but a blind squirrel gets lucky, sometimes.
She spoke to me, I am sure, because in that sea of green and white, I gaze, glaze, and drool.
She is my Derby contender.

Pictured 3-3
Pulled a re-veger today Pictured on 3-3, but time to pull.

Rinsed the dirt and soil was 1300PPM/6.7PH (hot and high, but good to know.Solution for test was 660/6.2


March 18, 2023 Shut down clone tent.
Need it for dry-hanging
Changing tent operation hours
Probably put grow tent package togther for resale or finding new home or owner.
I don’t need two 4x4s. Either I can make one work because two won’t work for me.
They make me work for them, too much.
PHD still a goal, just may take longer.


March 19,2023
Down to the two 4x4’s.
First day of completed shift to lighting Night lighting hours (coolest temps for regulating heat and hottest temps for lights off time.
Clone tent now hang dry tent for the chosen.
Doug out three of the neighbors Blackberry bushes today and relocated to location of my choosing.
Poor man’s fence in a few years and no visitors.
The Grapes love to climb on them for a wall of green and thorns.


March 21, 2023

Moved plants around favoring the Queen, under the 350’s dispersion.
HLG260 kit arrived, external dimmer pot provided.
External junction RJ11/12 connection desired.
RJ11 is 4-wire
RJ12 is 6 wire
I am sure the RJ11 connection would do the job.
HLG-350R external dimmer provided as was the 6-wire junction box REQUIRING the out of stock, back then, UIS RJ-11/12 resistor dimmer dongle AC-I, ADL8-Type B, Resistor Dongle for 0-10VDC operational control.The thought, sober and otherwise, would be to make the 260 connectable as is the 350.
A project requiring electrical engineering skills beyond licking my fingers before touching stuff, after energizing. Northern Lights, from inside DDD’s grow ?