RE-Veging a continous grow garden

I spent 5 hours today, empty tent, install large filter in tent, install Intakes, exhaust, fans, re-hung lights.
Ran wires and re-hung, strung, and positioned. Then applied power and balanced system for remote controlled operations. Vaccum tent and Ladies back in tent. Nothing dropped on deck, yet. Everything double suspended (original and safety cables). Merry Day after Christmas to all.
added for cold weather,
Yes, Summer of '84, took long underwear off and didn’t replace with clean pair as of Flag Day. Departed SD for warmer weather.


Two seperate topics,
Popcorn buds? I left whole colas, so they could stretch and grow to big colas.
I left enough bottom growth, that half the plants remained. I too the best top halfs.

The 10/2 twice a day was an emergency routine to counter artic cold in grow (garage).
The other garden occupants needed to stay in flower and I needed more lights on hours.
All I know, regarding re-vegetation/flipping, Some 24 on then 18/6, and finally 12/12 is half went to bush and the remaining stayed in form, with no color change. The bushes got wack/hack trimmed. Slower than excited growth, but nobody dead, yet.


Other forum thread discussions often focus on lights. I must confess, in April 22, I bought the cheapest 1000watt and 2000watt lights available. Having front loaded some costly LED lights from 2014, preparing for retirement, which got delayed during 5year Honeymoon, in Japan, the opportunity to purchase 1000watts was to tempting to pass. I owned a real 1000 watt light, in 1984 (HPS 1000watts with 20lb ballast device). Truth be told forum poster advised not participating in such foolishness or not to be too disappointed at the misleadingly false advertising. Previously I mapped my tents for the android photone app. Unfortunately, 800PPFD is the range where the phone maxes out. Indoors or out. Not sure if LUX and PPFD will both max as daylight in summer at noon, did the phone. regardless here is the results I got lately.

Disclamer the thousand meter watts was the total of multiple lights.
V1200, V600,VS1000 and some small junk, not just one light.
Spread sheet from two tents 4x4, with 1000 watts and 700 watts, totals.
Realistically, I am utilizing double in wattage for half the advertised results if that.
4X more costly before PSE applies the Brandon-Vladmir tax

Happ New Year to all.
RE-VEGING update:
Slow growth continues, but ok with me, for now.
Definitely have a contender for Kentucky Derby.
Shaped some today. Hate my camera (s) and my pictures are shXt. but, real.

removed these 3 today

Same three, sadly (or not), trimmed for dry routine.

Remaining shape favored and cleaned some. Top leaves are re-veged stretched flowering bud sites.
If she now blooms, there are 7 cola/branch/shoots that have full flowered as was trimmed today.
The bottom plant remained when I took the top half for the re-veg experiment.
Potential for this 5-gal lady to get 10-gal grow condo penthouse residence.


HLG 350R
Christmas came late, or early, perspective and attitude.
I shouldn’t afford the ScorpDiab, as that is over-kill (but testosterone inducing) and wife will want to spend similar amount on new FKNG SHOES, So this was less painfull, or will be. Additionally, I will be getting the cheapest hand held bluetooth flux-capicitor measuring device. The ability to participate in the LED quality light discussions, was too much to pass (HLG, China Cheapies, PFD, PAR, PPFD, LUX, and Bigger buds) . The Vipar Spectras (I have a few, purchased in the last 10 years, total 3.3k watts advertised, draw 1700watts max, for 2 tents 48x48x80. Lighting improvment desired. Forum discussions abound and actually favor the smaller and more quality lights. Additionally, The 750-Diablo was only being sold with that GROWFLUX stuff. I dont need more electronics, just more light.
Updates to follow.
In for a penny, in for a few thousand $$$$$[date=2023-01-04 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]



@ickey I bought these for continuing this LUX train.

My android and my Vipar Spectras saddly are not even close to those numbers. So I bought these.

Re-veg candidates selected from prime grow available, given calendar and incomming.
Re-veg candidates all looked prime when halved for hang/cure while bottom desirable good looking material purposely allowed to remain. Reason, wanted to send healthy desirable female back to veging for BUD JOB. Vegetation stretch, single leaf blade leaves, female buds remained (bottom, not looking bad and top looking like beginers- single pair femil whites). Out of 6 revegers, 4 went good and remain desirable potential producers. Two went bush and look unkept, for sure. Todays garden activity was incredible. I took a re-veger 5-gal bag and sawed in half seperating the two ladies. They were neither twins or related, just two orphans given the same dirt residence, Pictures. posted. @Spudgunner, ever split a bigger pair of plants? Thank you for the learning opportunity (-ies) you share. It is getting better, I think.

Given prime soil and full support for growth.
Fun when new light arrives.


Nope, never had to split 2 plants before. I was given some clones 2018 or 2019 that had 2 together in one pot, I just left them!

I’m actually in the middle of transplanting my clones of clones of…and putting them in my new veg area in the dungeon. Made up a mix of nutes and pre-wet some ProMix, just filled the 1gallon pots with mold holes for their roots. Figured I better set the timer up and get the light going. And rest my back for half hour before the final pop out of small pot into new dirt bend-over. Then to spread the main tent out, one Death Bubba per corner and Dutch Treat in the middle! Pics later in my thread!

Looks like you did a good split, hope they both take off again (and again!). :+1:

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Thanks, they looked too good, to be crowded by each other. Seperating and favoring because they were good producers, before, and now, I expect them to bulk up buds Win, Win. Thanks to forum discussions and desiring to have a factula experience, this re-veging tool will be very helpful for sustained grow routine.


I always take 3 clones. But I always split them like you once I take them out of Bansai mode. One to grow, one to gift, and one for the slugs. You know none ever die :joy:. I always give so many away I like extras.


I have lots of those little pots, more than I have space for! So I can easily fit a dozen of those pots in my clonedome, may as well do 1 per, and 10 is enough, should really only need 4 (sitting on 9 right now, tho :crazy_face:). I have my perpetual space set up now, test it for a couple of runs. Wife let me put my old light in the crawlspace!


So can you re-veg an autoflower with this technique or just photoperiods?

Have no answer supported with personal experience.
Can’t answer status of original seeds (photo or auto).
Only know when results survivie, results classified successful.

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I dont believe an auto would survive the stress.


I have never even cracked an auto seed, so no firsthand experience here.
But I think that I have read here that it is difficult to do, but if successful the plant will revert to a photo. Not sure if this is very accurate?


I’ve heard of a guy, Kronic (who works for another forum/seed co) that has. Check him out on Youtube, he hosts “The iCanTHC Channel” and does a ton of podcasts.

I think he also had an auto that he got to delay flowering for over 200 days or something ridiculous, kept up-potting it, getting it to constantly do root development.


The cannabis Kronicles…


man this is legit, man the impossible just keeps getting more and more possible LOL :joy:

thats cool , i wonder how? im still learning genetics.

@Spudgunner im gonna check him out now lol

They grow up so fast :cry: my zombies and her clones. Getting ready for flip.