Re-vegging Blue Cookies Clone

How is she looking? Transplanted into 7 gallon fabric pot 2 days ago… When is a good time to top a re-vegging clone? Ive heard 3 nodes on a plant from seed and 6 for clones… do I wait for six new nodes? Kinda confusing myself… One more question how long do I wait to feed GH Flora Series to her if shes in Happy Frog soil?? Thanks for any help you can offer. I definitely appreciate it

You won’t have to worry about topping it these monster clones will shoot branches out everywhere


Right on so , no topping and how far above the plant should I hang my scrog netting? 24" ? 18"?

I don’t Scrogs myself so I can’t answer that but @TDubWilly Scrogs he can help you there. Here is a pic of my blackberry monster clone with no toppings

This thing has branches growing every which way and has branches coming off of branches for no rhyme or reason

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If she don’t start shooting off branches you can top her. BUT where the main bud was on this clone shot out 5 stalks so I don’t have a reason to top but looks like yours only has the 1. But mine didn’t start to take off until it started producing the searated leaf pattern we associate with mjj then it went crazy I’m running low on flowers so this will probably be left for another week and thrown into flower

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I hang my netting at whatever height necessary where I can still get underneath the screen and work comfortably.

I do allot of lollypopping and really try and get things clean underneath the net so I want to be able to work under there pretty easily too.



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Give her some time. I wouldnt top. Pretty soon its gonna be a very bushy monster in that 7 gallon pot.


Here are my monster cropped lsd clones
Its a little hard to see but one i topped the bottom picture the other i didn’t
I did super crop them

Once rerooted and established you can top if you choose to


I appreciate it. That definitely helps me out…

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Thanks for helping me out . I’m not going to be rushing through this grow like i pretty much did on the other two plants … I can see where i could’ve had better results and now that I’m asking the right people. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge buddy cuz ive had good results following your advice and a couple others on ILGM forums… Not so much on rollitup