Re-vegging a clone?

I just harvested my Hindu Kush plant and being that it was my first attempt at growing my own meds, I am curious if I can re-veg ? I didn’t leave any branches just the main stem. I cut about 1/4 off the top … Any help is much needed and appreciated

A clone is not a snip of the main stem. Can’t grow from a stem after harvest. Wish these were perennials, but they’re not.


Since you removed all the branches I’d say no. And even if you did save some of the branches and tried to reveg it the results would be for taking clones from whatever grew. You wouldn’t be vegging the plant to bring to a harvest again.


You would of had to leave at least a quarter of the plant to be able to clone from a reveg.

Didn’t think so… just wishful thinking… lol thanks

Thanks i appreciate it…

Heres a guide to help you understand hoe to clone

I take my cuttings anytime after seedling stsge and up to two weeks into flower
Hsppy growing

Thanks I appreciate it. Im waiting for Amazon to deliver my dome, cloning root, gel and rockwool cubes tomorrow. I plan on cleaning up below my scrog.