Re-vegged whispy buds


Hi guys and gals,

I have an unknown lady that was a week into flowering when a careless person (me) tripped over her, broke her main stem, upended her pot and dispensed untold accidental horror.

Like a ninja, I sprang into action. I immedietly repotted her into a larger container and saved as much of her rootball as possible.

I then moved her under 30% shadecloth and waited for her to to show signs of regrowth. Once she did, I moved her back to full sun (after about 10 days).

She started re-vegging and obviously loved the larger pot and sun, because she all of a sudden took off.

Around 10 days ago, she started flowerimg again, but the buds seem light and whispy as well as creating hundreds of stems.

Species: unknown
Full sun
Full summer
South Africa

Will she be able to produce proper buds?
If not, what can I do to maximize her potential from here on out?
Should I prune her at all?

Please advise…


how about a close up of the buds. Thats a lot of stress on a plant. All of that growth makes me wonder. Lets get some good close up pics of the new flowering @WhiteMamba


I forgot to mention that we’ve been having abnormally high temps for the past two weeks.
Average temp at the moment is 38-40C



There are thousands of these tiny little things…

Really weird


I would let it
Let her do her thing she early in flower and should bulk up


Thank you so much . @Countryboyjvd1971

It’s my first grow, so I feel like a bit of a dope, doting over them like a mother hen.

So, just let nature take her course?

Should I remove the topic, or update weekly?


keep it and update @WhiteMamba ill check back in on it when i can lol


Please update weekly or just whenever you have a question looks like it’s under control the heat is always fun to grow in


@Hogmaster - yeah, the heat took a toll these past few weeks. Check these out

Had to move them under 30% shade-netting, two days ago, to save 'em… wow

They all really suffered… :cry:

Here is an updated one so long.


Second look i would prune some of that under growth out so she focuses on the upper growth
Ots a bit hard for me to tell how tall she is but i would take anything thats 6- 8 inches or lower off main stem if ahe was my plant
Also how many hours of direct sun does she get per day ?


Okay, I had to get a darker background, so had to improvise. (Excuse the dirty hands, been gardening :slight_smile:)

She’s around 500mm ( 19") high.
She gets two hours direct sun in the morning then full shade for an hour. Then another 8 1/2 hours direct sun till sundown.


I did have all those shoots pinned down, but the heat was gonna kill her (black container) so I released her two days ago from her LST bonds



So, I’m about to start pruning her, but have no idea how much.

I really don’t wanna mess up🙈!

You said: “i would take anything thats 6- 8 inches or lower off main stem if ahe was my plant”

Please could you elaborate a little? :blush:


Hey how tallnis she over all its a little hard to judge cause of the training you did work from bottom of stem upwards as you trim you thin her out as tou go
go slow and step back after a few cuts and look at her see what she looks like


She looks a lot like my Blue dream which was very delicate and whispy the entire grow. She never got big buds but instead lots of light and airy ones but potent.

Good luck with her recovery @WhiteMamba


@AnneBonny @Countryboyjvd1971

So difficult to get a decent size comparison. Asked my girl to stand next to her. Still comes out way smaller than she really is.

Some of the shoots are 19 inches while most are 15 -17. (Just measured)

She’s 2 1/2 feet wide.

The containers I used are about 6 USgal each

Hope this helps…hehehe


Maybe this is better?


Get underneath the canopy and trim some of the stuff under neath not getting light
Start there @WhiteMamba


Sh*t scared, bud… :see_no_evil:

But here goes.


Id advise trying to get most of your direct sun in the early morning till about lunch time or mid day, then cover them for the rest of the time till sundown to combat the heat and intense sun. And watering in the morning if u can… i also have really harsh hot dry outdoor climate. Best of luck to u