Re-veg after one week of flowering(Black widow)

Ok im worried i jumped the gun and started flowering early because of one plant being bigger. Should i continue to flower or go back to re-veg. I had them in veg for around 60 days before flowering. Which im only into flowering at 1 week today. The fourth plant is way behind never took off till this last 2 weeks for some reason. Im also have been LST training them.Uploading: 9C6F0A15-8449-4D61-8DB7-4290E1736A10.jpeg… Uploading: DD2B7A1A-97DE-46A9-ABFE-5B1EFF9BE083.jpeg… Uploading: 4858E73D-B919-4E3B-9BC6-FE4B7A819467.jpeg…

I would just let them continue flowering at this point and not wait on the runt. Going to lose a lot of time going back to veg. If they were not feminized seeds I could see letting them flower enough to show sex, remove the males and veg up the known females to a larger size if your space and light is sufficient for larger plants.

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They were feminized seeds. Thanks for the advice