Re-potting in flower

I have 2 white widow (fem) that I was keeping as mothers and even though I tried to keep them in veg (16-8) they went into flower anyway. My concern is, they are in 1 gallon smart pots. I was about to transplant them into 5 gallon pots. I am wondering if I should just let them finish in the one gallons and make the best of the situation as it is. My fear is that if I transplant the positive impact(more growth/size) will be minimal and the negative impact(shock, growth stunt)makes it a wash as far as benefits. They are both well flowered as far as bud sites. The most mature of the 2 has already started getting fat. They are about the girth of a good sized hot dog. I seem to recall reading that transplanting is a bad idea during flower. I would estimate that one plant is half way through flower and the other is 1-2 weeks behind. They are in coco. Many thanks in advance for insights.

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Any way seeing how close they are I would leave them as is. Now that’s not saying you couldn’t cause you could.
My thoughts are if there doing so good as they are leave well enough alone…lol

B Safe

I agree.
But if you absolutely have to pot up, try this trick. Get an empty pot size of the one they are growing in. Then pot IT into the new bigger pot. Water the new pot, allow it to drain and then carefully lift out the dummy pot. If you then carefully tap out the plant from the existing pot when it is relatively dry, it should be able to be placed in its new home like a cork in a bottle. Add a small amount of your media and snug it in and you shouldn’t see any set back from the move. Nurserymen have been using this technique forever to prevent shock and to instantly raise the price of their inventory which is usually based on pot diameters. Lol.