Re-pot or not? too late for change?

I have a pair of White Widow plants in 12 inch pots. They are about three months old and are loading up with buds. I had to force flower them (long story) They seem to be doing fine, but I am afraid they may become root bound.
Should I consider re-potting them or leave them alone at this stage?

Pics of the plants would certainly help if you could.

Stand by. I’ll take some pics tomorrow


She shows no signs of trouble, The flowers are too tender at this point and should be left alone. Don’t change a thing unless she shows distress

Your plant has done great in that too small pot.
if plant is photo…it needs a minimum of 5 gallon pot. transplant at this late stage will slow growth for a while. use happy frog soil, it will carry the plant for several months…supplement after that.
best wishes