Re decarbing is it ok to do



I decarbed at about 116-118 Celsius which is about 240 Farenheight covered with foil. For an hour.
But its not brown. Still quite green so guess not decarbed but dried!!!

Would there be any harm if i did another decarb session. But maybe used less herb on baking tray so more movement of hot air?

Same temp and time settings.

Would it destroy my herb.

Going to use herb for edibles and also rso cbd oil.

Or i may use casserole dish with lid on it, but also use foil. Use less buds and spread out bit more.

Hope you can help



210 degree’s for 30 min…
After 15 min sift it around and let it finish…
That’s it your done… You don’t want it brown or whatever you make with it will taste burnt…