Re. clone, humidity dome, transplant time frame?

I ordered 5 OG kush fem seeds from a place close by called Xotic seeds.
Now since I haven’t finished accumulating absolutely everything I need I was wondering how long can I leave a clone in the humidity dome for…?
Is there a time frame from germination to transplanting it into my bubble bucket?
I got jacks nutrients and was just planning to grow a clone then transplanting when I get the air pump and duct fan… are there any complications that will arise from leaving it in the humidity dome?

I’m a little confused. Are you cloning or growing from seed?



They don’t stay in the domes for long, but I think the bigger issue would be roots. I’d be worried about root growth stalling after they grow through the rockwool or whatever you’re starting in.


your right. usually they dont stay in the domes for long. 2 weeks maybe? but root growth production isnt a concern because im using root excelerator and AN sensizym to get the best possible roots I can. im asking because ive seem clones in shops for sale and it obviously cant harm them if there sitting there waiting on someone to buy them…? maybe im wrong. i will wait to get my seeds going til I have everything. I got about 10 things left to get but the fan and air pump alone is gonna be 500$.

Clones need a dome longer than seedlings because they start or with no roots. The only way they can really absorb nutrients and water is through the leaves.

Even if you’re using root accelerator, once they grow through the side/bottom of your starter they will air prune without moisture.

The problem with trying to get a headstart is, if you start them too early and don’t have the rest of your stuff when they’re ready to transplant, your headstart could cost you more time.

Yea I agree. thanks for your input. I might just wait then.