RDWC Yellowing leaves feedback

First time RDWC.
5x5 tent
RDWC 4 8 gallons buckets with Reservoir, 30 gallons
SP4000 LED
RO water system
Fox Farm Trio, Big Bloom, grow Big
March 9 22 placed plant (1inch tall) in bucket with first feed as indicated in feed chart.
PH 5.8-6.1
PPM 500
Water temp average 71-74
Tent temp 71 light off, 71-78
RH 45%
Blue Labs Meter (PH, PPM EC Temp

I noticed signs of losing greenish and slight yellowing. wondering if needing to cut back on nutrients. Just gave 2nd feeding yesterday Day 8 in hydro and gave half dosage. Ready to pull trigger and flush and start using General Hy nutrients but don’t want to jump too soon.

First time posting so be kind my friends.


Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

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I’m not an expert and just started doing some hydro, you are going to want to bring those water temps down.

Out of curiosity how high is your light and how high do you have it turned up .
Normally if I see the fan leaves twisting like that it’s usually pH. Wind, or light/heat stress.

And welcome to the community!


Hi Josh,

My lights at 55% and 33 inches above canopy. I checked light manual it recommends dimming 60-90% for veg but 16-22inches high for seedlings and 14-16 inches for veg.
looks like my light can be much lower. only in hydro for 9 days. I will lower the light go up in dimmer maybe 65%.
My water temp is at 71F.
PH hovering at 6.1 but i keep bringing it down to 5.8. maybe i just need to leave it 6.1 and stop messing with it too much.

I’m also new at this stuff.

Thanks for your feedback.

I use the GH Flora and add CALiMAGic and Armor Si. Also for root health start them with RapidStart and use Hydroguard throughout grow.

For water temperature try freezing a couple 2 liter cola bottles and drop in your reservoir each day to keep water temps around 65 deg.

Welcome to the community!

I’m curious why do folks do hydro vs soil? Which is preferred?

You’ll get a wide range of answers here. Every method of growing is a gardeners preference. Some it works best for their schedule.


Light doesn’t seem bad. I usually do around 25 inches with it turned down pretty low. Veg doesn’t require much lighting. Those water temps are high tho.i have a chiller but my circuit is full so can’t run it yet. So I use frozen milk jugs and a 2 liter bottle daily.

And for pH. What kind of meter do you have. Cheaper Amazon ones need to be calibrated very often bc they drift easily.

How’s the plant looking . Got any updates for us

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Hey @Lmckenzie0322
I’ve tried soil and coco coir too. I like Hydroponic water because it works best for me. Seems like it grows faster and I can control the nutrient and has eliminated pest.
It is more work with hydroponics but I only grow from early October until end of March.

Popped seed Oct. 9th

Harvested Feb. 2nd

Clones ready for big tent Feb. 2nd

Feb 19th clones flowering

Clones March 23rd


Welcome to the community. Plants are looking good. I wouldn’t worry about those first couple of leaves. They are always susceptible to issues being around the hydroton. They’ll end up coming off anyways. Keep an eye on the new growth.
Also, you might want to remove one of those plants. One plant per bucket. You stand a chance for multiple problems when growing two plants in a bucket. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Like @Covertgrower said, it fits my schedule. Also,for me, it is so much easier. It takes a little more planning to get started but to me is so much more worth it. If planned correctly, you can set it and forget it, and watch them grow. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Back off the nutes they really dont need nutes until yhe third or fourth set of true leaves even then a lite mix not full strength…increase humidity 50-60% in seedling stage moisture is absorbed through the leaves when theres little to no roots… hopes this helps… 20 year vet grower

Thank you! I’m only a month in and all appears just fine with my purple punch babies ! Lighting I have the SF-4000 at 60% approximately 24” away 18/6.

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Keep in mind, plants are like kids. Not all of the same strain grow up the same.
In other words, just because one plant can stand a lot of light doesn’t mean the other can.
Or, one may grow tall and the other small.
You have to be flexible sometimes and find a happy middle ground for all plants.
Also, try to always keep all plants at the same level to the lights. That means you may have to set one on something to raise it up to be at the same height as the rest.
Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Hello I just watered her and she looks droopy. Please advise!

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Actually she’s drooping because you just watered her. They will droop when watered and also before bed time. Sometimes more than others. Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Thanks very much. When do you think I should be adding nutes? How do I know when to begin adding nutes? I’m using regular all purpose soil.

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It would be best if you can start a journal and fill out a support ticket to get you started. It will help myself as well as others assist with any question you may have so we don’t clutter up his thread. There are a ton of folks here that are more than willing to help. Good luck!

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Just picked up hydro guard and freezing the water bottle to get Temp under 70. Will looked for chiller with summer months coming up. average water temp 72. Plants look much better after performing flush and feeding flora series lightly. I also add CAL/MG. I’m thinking shock them with the first few weeks with the foxfarm. Thanks