RDWC What's This Nutrient Deficiency? (Pics)

Hey everyone, I found my plant like this this morning and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what’s wrong.

Here are some details:
-Strain: Quarter Pounder Auto
-Day: 29 of vegetative (1 day to go until flower)
-400w MH HID
-Water Temp: 66F
-Room Temp: 80F
-Room RH: 75%
-PPM: 600 (FloraTrio Recirculating Transition regimen at 1/2 strength)
-pH: 5.7
-Lux: 65,000
-Supplements: Ca-Mg+, Silica Blast

Any feedback is much appreciated.

I would suggest a raise in your ppm and a good hard look at your roots almost looks like could be root rot as well when is last time you calibrated your ph meter?

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This pic of my roots is from yesterday morning.

I’ll try raising the PPMs, and it has been a few months since my last calibration, so I should probably do that too. Thank you.

Some hydrogen peroxide? Looks like bad bacteria

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