Rdwc watering question

I have (4) 4x4 tents each with 4 8 gallon buckets and another 8gallon res. I was currently using a ro 4 gallon tank and using soil. So here’s my question…. If each tent needs 40 gallons a week that’s 160 gallon total per week. My tap water is from a well and I know ro is best used but there’s no way my 4 gallon ro tank can keep up. I heard about rv filters and boogie blue plus but it shows there not meant for well water and also seen the garden hose filter only removed like 10 to 20 ppm at the most in most cases . So how is everyone keeping up with needing all this water I’m confused


@ThatHydroCouple I have been using the ZERO water filter for nearly 2 years now. I get about 15 gallons thru it before the filter is no longer giving me the correct output. I buy the filters in bulk to keep cost down. I drain into 5 gallon buckets my tap water which is around 300ppm of who knows what.


I needed an RO to filter the water for the humidifier in my veg tent. I went with this model, and hooked the kit to a 55 gallon rain barrel I already had.



For RO I use Amazon.com
much the same as @CurrDogg420 . I have it go to a rain barrel ($20 at a Rural King), that shut off with a float valve. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012DU0ZAO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
to shut off water to refill reservoir and to automatically keep water level up on my hydro set up.
I only need to check PH and PPM once a day and can leave it for days if I want to with this set up.

A lot to look at @ThatHydroCouple , but works for me very well. Let me know if I can help with anything else. I hope this was useful for you.

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Thanks I’m going to look into the rain barrel float bc I have few 55 gallon plastic drums think I might also look into just getting a 160+ gallon drum .

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I use my tap water.

What is the ppm’s and PH of the well water?


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I also use my tap water, debating upgrading to ro filter system

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I can’t remember off top of my head what the ppm and ph was. I’ll check that again today and do a follow up.
I’m worried that running a 5 stage ro system to create 160 gallons a week is going to be hard on my well. Heard ro systems have a lot of waste water. And distilled water is out of the question bc at a dollar a gallon that adds up quick. I have done single dwc bucket but 5 gallon is a lot different then the rdwc setup I got from Gary at pahydroponics

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I use to use well water with no problems. Now I use tap water and add a conditioner that removes chlorine and such.

This is what I use

Aqueon Aquarium Water Conditioner Bottle Amazon.com

Never used RO, probably never will.


When you used well water did you have to use the conditioner to ? Or was that just for city tap water?

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That was just for tap water. Well water straight.