RDWC-The Fruit Baskets



Last picture is the top of a lemon alien dog that I tried to Supercrop and it snapped off so I put it into 6 inch block. Got some perlite and seedling soil and mixed 1/3 perlite and dropped 9 seeds/ 5 strains.


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Thanks. Did not realize it was 2 year anniversary. Bout died two years ago from health issues. Joined here the day I got out of hospital. Been lurking every day since.


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Hey @kabongster long time since I heard from ya. Hope life is treating you well


Is it ok to use neem oil during flowering? If I rinse at harvest, will I be okay? Spider mites.


I don’t know the answer, but I bet @garrigan65 does


I just read that neem is okay for edible plants so I don’t see why it would not be okay for cannabis. especially if your do a pre harvest bud wash.


I read somewhere here it makes the buds taste bad. But I don’t know if washing would help.


Why am upset and I read on here during flower is to make it with this soap and water. I have visions of wife “ Honey, why are bubbles coming under the door “. Or everything tastes orange like neem.


Yeah I’m not sure what I’d do. How much longer do you think you have? I’d definitely be cautious with either one. Does peroxide work on them? That seems like it would be the less troubling option if it does.


Not really sure how much longer for this bud



If your going to use neem oil , then water it down first. So that your plants aren’t covered in oil. Then do your after harvest wash. Should be ok. B ut try to use it at least two weeks before harvest. It really tastes s*%ty lol


Thanks dude.


Hello Bryan…I’m staying out of trouble, at least trying…growing some of Robert’s widows from one of his seed packs.

real sorry to hear about the spider mites…if you do Neem Oil the buggers, put something to cover the soil, keep the drippings from falling in and getting sucked up by the roots…that will really do bad things to the taste of your harvested buds no amount of washing will help.


Ended up with 5 cc/ gallon of neem oil spray and saturated whole grow and just repeated it today, 3 days after the first dose I only have 1 monster cropped in soil. Then 3 more mc clones in rdwc. Plus Mango , Blueberry, Lemon from seed that are healthy looking in rdwc. 9 clones in soil are well rooted now, and 9 seeds I planted in soil cups began popping this morning. First up was gsc auto, next blueberry auto.


i started with autos, but im planning to work with photos next. why blueberry auto instead of photo?


It’s simple if ya think it thru. Currently I have 9 photos at about 5 weeks from light switch to 12/12. They may need to go another 8 weeks till harvesting. So the plan is to start their replacements with starting clones and seeds now. Because the new auto seeds will be okay under the current 12 hour until the others are gone. That, in a nutshell, is how I schedule my plant for a perpetual grow …start with photos, then add autos