RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


put this clone from soil cup to netpot 2 days ago , took humidity dome off today


Shouldnt you be filling the net pot to the side? The way it is right now light can pass trough to the reservoir? Im no hydro guy but im pretty sure that could cause problems.


From his description he will add as it grows. Starting it low means his roots hit water faster. I’m going to do the same next time around. Probably shaves 3 days off of needing to top feed.


Sounds like a plan, wouldnt it be easier to use smaller pots? Or are they all the same depth? Wouldnt it still be best to avoid any light to the reservoir for a lon period of time? Taking advice here cause I just received bulkheads fittings and im bout to build a one plant DWC with a Waterfarm dripring in a bucket or tote not sure with what im going, connect my main tote to a reservoir right outside of tent connected with 1" pvc and 0.5" feed line with a small pump. What I have right now is a basket just like his, I totally understand the point of not filling it up to have roots lower, wich then I would maybe suggest to cut your clones longer? And bury the trunk? Or is that asking for stem rot in hydro?


Have you guys seen this? Couple dollars, hook that up to a single airpump on a mechanical timer and you have self top watering for first weeks of your clones.


I don’t ever tpp Feed after going to hydroton. Just keep water level touching bottom of netpots to start In a week or so it will probably be tall enough to add more pebbles and cover the sides


Is this not risking some root problems? I mean I keep reading everywhere that NO light had to get in for a long time I i was going all paranoid about light leaks projecting my setup so just wondering actually if i should slack off a bit on that lolll


Actually that makes sense. Mine is wet at the bottom of the net pot so no reason to if you placed at the bottom. Thanks for clarifying that @bryan

I went with the 6 inch just because it seemed like the right size. The 2 inch ones are tiny. They are all different heights and you could probably get away with smaller like the 4 inch. I think the 2 inch could be too small. But that’s just my opinion. My rockwool cubes are 2 inches so the 6 inch pot gives room to put media around it.


Light leaks can lead to algae. That is really the only problem. Roots will be far enough away to not be a problem for that tiny amount of light


I personally don’t buy into all the hype about a light leak. Entering your grow room after hours and turning on a light aint gonna change nuttin. It is the longterm light leaks that cause hermies. No, the little red light on your outlets and ac are not the reason the grow got screwed up. Frequently, I have watched persons blame lighting, when they chase it down it was a timer malfunction. Yes, you can grow algae.


I was talking light leak to the reservoir, but thanks :smiley:


Oh and as for that kit above. You can probably make one out of a piece of hose for cheap. But following his method no real need to top feed. And only top feed I’ve been doing is a spritz of ph water from a bottle twice a day. Now that 2 have roots below nets no need to do that on them. They can get all they need now. So I really think it’s a waste of money for what we do. But that’s all up to you. I do like the water level indicator for bubble buckets but no need for RDWC since you can check reservoir.

Top feed is what leads to stem rot or damping off.


Yeah, i first bought this for a drip setup and not actual DWC, but ive seen people do use these and they seem to say growth is faster in the first couple weeks.then it gets useless when roots are more developed, ill try it and see how that works since I already have it, what I like is that it plugs to an air pump so no need to to have an extra water pump


Sounds interesting. Hopefully it works. Nothing wrong with trying new things. I’m just a cheapskate and try to make everything lol.


I am not using airstones this time. Just running tubing straight into water. I found after a couple weeks, they are not as effective and clog and slow. I have grossly oversized air pumps that really put out a Lot more volume of air, and without stones it really blasts. Yeah, the bubbles are bigger and don’t hold as much o2 as tiny bubbles. LOL, my 5 gal bucket has 3 gallons of nutes and a six outlet air pump just for it. 4 outlets turned off, and all the air going thru 2 tubes into bottom of bucket. with water level at bottom of netpot, I get some serious splashing action in that little root zone. My 27 gal res holds 20 gallons with a dedicated 6 outlet air pump for each. The bubbling really creates water flow along with the recirc pump.



Looking really good bro!


Are you scrogging those, are just letting them grow through the net?


Funny you should ask I tried to scrog them. I grew them with a hard lst at first level. Then the side branches grew 2 feet up and had another bending at second level. Then they grew up again. Kinda ended up with 2 level scrog. Was thinking when harvest time gets to give her a flat top cut and see if bottom level will grow.


@Grandaddy013 If you look at post73 in the thread and you can see the same exact picture of one month ago