RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


@bryan sorry to hear about the root rot. I had the same problem, but was able to get it turned around before a total loss. Now that I know the problem, I can guarantee you that I’ll never have that problem again. As far as cost of nutes, I have been using the GH Maxi series this time and I’m very pleased with it. It’s also a lot cheaper


@DoobieNoobie I also have a bad back, and had trouble doing the 5gallon bucket route. On my system I built, I just turn a ball valve and drain the system


@basementstealth in my opinion, it is worth it. Absolutely it ain’t cheap. I just paid nearly $400 bucks for a water chiller, but hydro can produce explosive growth


It sounds like we have both narrowed it down to about the cheapest most efficient way to get this done. Totally jealous of the water chiller. We all have bad backs, just drop a tiny water pump with a few feet of tubing into bucket and pump it out. Plus I made a 4 foot long, one gallon capacity funnel to get to my soil plants at the back. Did some pollination to 4 bud sites just now. Dusted with makeup brush I swiped from wife, then covered all with baggies to isolate for a few days to prevent cross contamination.


Oh yeah, new puppy working on compost


I think we all do what is best for our particular situation. What works for one, may not for another


Hey @peachfuzz. Papa has a brand new toy. :cowboy_hat_face: Found at thrift store $14. A cooling and heating pad for people who had joint replacement(pun intended). I cut away everything but the cooling pad loaded it up and put pad inside the recirculating bucket. It constantly circulates ice water thru pad. Should know by tomorrow whether it works as planned


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while so here lt is. This is a wort chiller I made and use in brewing beer. I can bring 5 plus gallons boiling liquid down to room temp in about 5 minutes. The bucket is filled with ice and salt water then liquid pumped from boil pot to my fermentation tank through the coil. I was thinking of using it as a cooler in my reservoir. I could put it into a mini fridge outside my grow room and fill the bucket with either water or propylene glycol with hoses going through the wall and a copper coil in my reservoir. Pump sanitized water through the whole thing. Just adjust the fridge temp and pump timer to adjust the cooling amount.

I just need to find a mini fridge that works for cheap to test it out.


and the sides of fridges are insulation anyway, right? so u could just drill holes for the water lines. i like it!!


Well some fridges have refrigeration lines in the side walls (don’t ask how I learned that. Was a very expensive mistake lol) So I’d go through the door with flexible tubing on the inside to give the ability to open it. And just foam insulation the holes.


so youll have a controller hookedup to a digital temp gauge and when temp reaches a certain level the pump will kick on and run until temp falls off. how does that setup look? is it similar to a timer that regulates current according tl schedule, but instead of a schedule its temp?


oh ic it wont temp sense, itll run constantly


Yeah there’s controllers for heat and cold that would work. Like this. But only need a single stage.

This would actually work better than manual adjustments

PS sorry for posting all this on your thread I just thought it was worth sharing since it’s a fairly inexpensive option compared to commercial units.


no worry, I love stuff like this. the wort chiller is mighty cool.


I had Pollination on 1 top of four different plants And covered them with a baggy for two days whatever to keep them from cross pollinating the rest of the plants. I remove the baggies today. I put a colored tie cleaner on the branch that was pollinated 2 that were done are third generation monster cropped.


Get some panda film for your walls for next grow
VIVOSUN Black and White Panda Film 10 x 10’ 5.5 Mil Poly Film https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018VI6ZUQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tNe1Bb3F1HP6E


I use to think everything was way too expensive. I’ve had root rot on my last three grows. First two times I didn’t know I had it, just cut them down early because they were dying. This time, was able to find out what the problem was due to the good people on this forum. Even though I didn’t lose my whole crop this time, no doubt I’ve lost over 1/2lb from what I would have gotten. My point being, around here, half ass smoke is $300oz. The water chiller was like $375. I should NEVER have problem with root rot again. Now the chiller doesn’t seem expensive at all.:sunglasses:


live and learn and mean well. good luck on your next grow! tag me in?


I will be chopping these down Friday, and as soon as they dry I will start another grow.


Just returned from Sears, bought air conditioner for the house. Going out of business sale, 30% off appliances. What really caught my eye were the row of portable air conditioners, 10,000 btu on sale now for under 200 bucks. wanted one but just spent 240 bucks on the 10,000 btu window unit. I’ve been eyeballing portable ac’s for a year and that is the best deal I have seen.