RDWC-The Fruit Baskets



Just finished going all “Edward Scissorhands “ on everything after finding a couple of spots of white mold Turned fans on high. I really have no space for any more plants I had 2 Solo cups with seedling and a clone. I was gonna squeeze em in somewhere. Why do we do it? With absolutely nowhere to put them, why can’t we just toss the darn clippings. Now I have a mix of mango, lemon, pineapple, and blueberry clones 30 of them. Wth am I gonna do. But now I have good air flow again.


squeezed one more into the rdwc. My first ever cross pollinated seedling made it from soil cup to netcup. Now to wait till morning and see if I handled her gently enough during the move. I call her Thai-napple. with my grow areas, she will get no veg time, just straight 12/12 with the other plants.




I love all the random seedlings thrown in everywhere haha


About how many gallons of water is in your system? And how much nutrients do you go through per grow? What I’m setting up is 2x 40 gallon totes and a 27 gallon tote reservoir. I’m hoping the larger volume stays pretty stable on ph and temp. But I’m thinking I better buy nutes by the gallon lol.


I use the General Hydroponics Maxi series. It’s a powder and it’s cheaper, and gives good results. I use 2-20 gallon trash cans for plants and one for reservoir


@Grandaddy013 sounds like our nutes are almost identical. What are doing for Ppm? If using dry nutes Maxi w/additives mine stays near 1200 And yes, I buy 2.2 lb bags So far I have used 4 bags in 3 27 gal res at 7 weeks.


I have been running around 1000 on ppm. I just got the 16lb container of maxibloom


Thanks guys I’ll look at those. I had been trying to decide on a line but some of them are crazy expensive with the amount I will need making it worse.


damn little spider mites showed up. Soaked everything twice with neem oil.


Aww that sucks. Kill them all!


I managed to kill off the pineapple slick with roots being pulled off after roots went mushy brown. It was growing too big and died before the roots could regrow. I had previously removed roots from 2 plants In same res that were smaller plants that are surviving and growing roots without wilting so far. The 2 lemon alien dawgs in that res are tough.




Put a clone mango skunk into my soil experiment once roots began to circle bottom of clear Solo cup. I reused 7 gallon cloth pot w/ old Happy Frog from last grow. It was a dried firm ball of dirt. I used a cupful of dry microbe stuff called Bokashi mixed in soil. I saturated with SM 90 and Terpinator in water. Soil is soft spongy feeling again.


im thinking about setting up an rdwc or dwc. is the cost of running the nutes and everything else higher than for soil grow?


My guess is that nutes for soil vs hydro are about 1 to 5, meaning hydro costs five times more in nutes than soil, plus all the pumps


Sucks you lost the pineapple. It was a big plant. Do you keep hydro guard in your system full time?