RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


my plants at just under 6 weeks from seed. Hope for 2 more weeks , then flip


Is your Scrog net frame glued together


Funny you should ask. No it is not glued together. I didn’t have any at the time. what I did was to use grafting tape and wrapped the end of the tubings with it. It is really thin, kinda like dry cleaner bags they put on clothes. 1 inch wide roll, so when done all the connections fit tightly, and it is just a few seconds to dismantle. The lower level corners are not available at home depot. The pvc conncections came from fittings for making furniture.


Are you planning on scrogging


hell yes, plan is to tie everything down. Haven’t done it on a grow yet, mostly used nets to support


to be honest, after seeing you, @TDubWilly, and @Bogleg, I was sure I wanted to give it a try.


I did my net like yours, double layer the first time I tried to Scrog. It turned out to be just a support net. You need to remove the top layer. When your plants grow through the net approximately 8" you start tying them down. The idea is to make them grow horizontal instead of vertical.
Let them grow through the net

Then super cropped

And 2days later
Continue tying down as they grow. When screen is about half full or a little better, flip lights. Then the stretch. After flipping lights, I continued tying them down till screen was about full and stems started getting harder. If later you need the support for your buds, you can add the second screen


I learned from @TDubWilly


Thanks for the tips. I thought I was just gonna do LST to everything. I have one old monster-crop in soil I have been babying along. Did lst at first level of net. Now the side branches have stretched into second level. It will take me another week at least to let the last set of fims finish growing out so I can flip lights.


You can probably see how my netting is not level at all under the canopy showing it’s not used as just a “cola support”

The plant is actually trying to stand back up in places and the net won’t let it

Took this last night

But the plant itself is level


Yep, yes, uh huh, them there grow patterns are what I am after. Hoping that I can keep the roots thriving the whole grow with the chiller. 5 gallon buckets were impossible for me to keep cool.


I bet you fall in love with that chiller


Do not have electric chiller, just a daily frozen bottles exchange in a chiller bucket outside res. Put all my eggs in one basket this time by running three rdwc’s for the first time No back-up plan if they fail. .just got a gallon of terpinator and added 200 cc to each reservoir. First time I have used it; hoping for some flavor improvement.


Well I have 2 level net on one side. Was waiting till they hit second level to start training. Hell with that, just put it all down below the first level. 2 monster cropped clones and Mango Skunk. I also have my one soil plant grown and lst’d At first level of net. The side branches are touching the top level of net


One reservoir had a slightly smaller air pump than the other two have. When I checked the air flow, I had too many airstones (6), 3 inch stones. The air flow just was not the same as the other two. I was trying to push weaker pressure into 6 oversized stones. Then roots on two plants went slimy. I pulled off all the rotten roots and removed the airstones, leaving just the tubing bubbling in res. The slimy roots are gone and roots are back to white. I just put 6 of the tiniest airstones available, the 1 inch ones onto the end of tubes. Then I took all 6 from the res right next to it that had the larger pump. I replaced the oversize stones on it with the 1 inch stones too. My thinking is there will be less back pressure with a smaller stone and will allow more air to go thru. Dunno if my thinking is correct.


First pic of my own strain. Mother is a pineapples chunk, poppa is wild Thai. Thinking of name. Thai-Neapple


I love “Thai-napple” but what if it smells/tastes nothing like pineapple somehow? Lol…Hawaiian Buddha?


That’s pretty cool developing your own strain. Reminds me of when I raised game chickens


finally switched to 12/12 last night after 47 days from seed. I ended up with these strains… Res 1- has 2 monstercropped clones of pineapple chunk and one Mango Skunk. Res 2 - has one Pineapple Slick and two Lemon Alien Dawg. Res 3 - has one Pineapple Chunk MC Clone, one Blueberry, one Lemon Alien Dawg. The ppm’s have been at 1175 -1200, ph starting to go down on the two reservoirs with the biggest set of plants. I added 60 cc each of powder MaxiBloom and KoolBloom into each 20 gallons of nutes. They have JUST begun to stretch about 4-5 days ago. My new strain seedling is growing and I will find a space for it somehow in the current grow, just won’t have any veg time.