RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


I had that happen to me last grow because one of my air pumps got shut off. My girl got root rot but it only resulted in stunted growth and she made it all the way to flower because new roots came in. Unfortunately she never grew much more but I still enjoy the buds she gave me. This was what her roots looked like at after harvest compared to my healthy plant.


Give them some LK to help promote root growth and healing. Did you take any pics of the roots?


No pics yet, would need third arm. The other two res have 1 giant root mass for 3 plants


What kind of stones do you use?


3 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch thick



Same strain roots in healthy res


My roots looked way worse on my last grow. You should be able to come back from that. Plenty of good roots left to replace what was lost.


I agree with @Vexer , they will bounce back…
What were your water temps?
I use the medium round air stones and I never have any problems with clogging from the nutrients or the roots… I put 3 air stones per tote… I’ll get you a pic…:grin:

These are my veg totes… :wink:




This is lemon alien dawg at 36 days from seed. Damn thing has no center stem, literally nothing but thick side branches stacked on each other. Topped once at 2 weeks and topped 4 more sites just now


Looking good. I didn’t change my water out last time except for when I switched to flower and at flush. This time I’m changing about every two weeks and doing MUCH better. Interested to see how this goes with all the strains. I’ve got 2 plants and they fill 2 - 4x4 scrogs


That’s where i’m going too, 1 plant per 4x4 space.


Have not changed water yet. They are running clear with a paint strainer net around the water pump. Plus now everything with nutes and additives I. Picked to use are clear when added to res. GH maxi series, calmag, armor Si, hydroguard.


That’s pretty much what I’m using for nutes


Have you tried terpinator?


Haven’t heard of it


I just looked it up. I use Kool Bloom, both liquid and dry. It’s from GH also.


Just got a replacement coil for my vape pen. Awhile back I made RSO with an ounce and a 4 day everclear soak. I ended up with 10 cc oil. Finally got to vape some. WHEEE