RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


Raspberry cough still not up and looking iffy. So I dropped my last 2 lemon alien dawg just now. About to finish making my third rdwc, two units fit perfectly in 3’x5’ grow space.


Raspberry cough was found with a 1 inch tail and dead seedpod, it only opened enough to let the tail out. I have the second rdwc unit in grow area 1 completed, filled, and her first clone. It has 3 plants in 27 gal res, six 3 inch airstones, plus water pump. The water pump runs for 2 hours when the gallon ice jug is changed daily, then 30 minutes each 4 hours. Big shout-out to @peachfuzz for all the inspiration, I finally made something that works, lol.



I cant wait to see the beauties that will be coming out of there… from this point things are just going to get easier and easier… :grin:

Much luv my friend… :wink:
Glad to see you making things happen… :wink:
I’ll definitely be cruising through from time to time… let me know if you need anything…
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I got to up date my thread… got alot of good things going on also… all new stock from seed… all my babies… I should have documented it since it seems that alot of people have a hard time with propagation and cloning… will see what I can do…:wink:



Oh man, I hope you heal up quick @peachfuzz! :v:


Set up third rdwc today. Gonna run 3 Lemon alien dawg in 27 gallon res. These units amaze me with how stable the ph stays. Once stabilized a couple days, the ph stays the same, rarely moving more than 0.2 in a week, tds stable also at 1000. All I do is change out a frozen gallon water jug. In the chiller bucket daily


Moved the first lemon alien dawg from her seedling soil cup into a 4 inch netpot.


Mango kush and blueberry headband moved out of solo cups and into rdwc. 2 more lemon alien dawg to go and all 3 res will have 3 plants each.


Switched everything to 18/6 today as most of plants are harvested. Several clones and one late flowering sour diesel will have to risk a. I have the new rdwc transplants needing veg lighting. All the seedlings survived the move with help from humidity domes


moved a couple from one res to another. I ended up with 3 separate rdwc 27 gal units. I have 3 plants in each one. there are 3 alien lemon dawg, 1 mango kush, 1 blueberry headband, 1 pineapple slick, 3 pineapple chunk from clone. everybody is tuned in at 5.9-6.0 after a few days of adjusting. ppm’s between 700-950. reordered armor si and calmag, still have hydroguard. other than that, it is varying amounts of maxigrow, maxibloom, koolbloom powders.



did some early topping on 2 pineapple chunk, 1 pineapple slick, mango kush, blueberry headband, lemon alien dawg. I plan on taking my time with these, I flipped last grow at 2 weeks from seed with no topping cuz I was in a hurry.


I was checking the inside of rdwc reservoir and noticed that 2 identical plants were growing differently while in same 27 gal res. The 1/2 inch pump return line from the chiller bucket to the res had the single water hose going straight down into res to recirculate it. the roots are growing toward the water flow coming out. So I added a 1/2 inch “T” to the end of hose so that instead of flow going down, the water flow is redirected to both sides instead. Now I need 2 more Tees for the other 2 res.


Went to hydro store for ph down. I always used the gh orange stuff. Came home with different brand that advertised for hydroponic use. It contains 28% phosphoric acid and has NPK 0-24-0. I adjusted my 3 res, curious what ph will be in the morning.



plants now just under 4 weeks from seed. Checked the reservoirs, came in with 3 virtually identical nute solutions, ppms were 1135 and ph 5.6, 5.6, 5.8. Root systems are just starting overdrive.


Res numbers came in about the same. I have a lemon alien dawg plant that is 4 weeks, topped once. Now 13 inches wide and 3 inches tall. The fan leaves are 2 inches wide. Thinking about bumping up the ppm’s above 1140 to 1400 and see what happens. These plants are growing well and I am concerned that they may be hungry.


Let us know how they do with the increase in PPM!


I added to all 3 of the res the following in 20 gallons of solution…2 3oz dixie cups full of MaxiBloom. Prior to adding, ppm 1100 went up to 1265 and ph took a dive, so I added tablespoon of ph Up powder to each one. Switched out ice bottles. Moving away from frozen gallon jugs because they leak on bottom after 5-6 cycles. Trying 3 2liter frozen bottles in recirc bucket with pump. Last grow, I let stems grow thru both levels of net. This time they are being lst’d at first level and will tie everything down to level of top net.


@peachfuzz trouble in paradise. I have 2 identical set-ups rdwc side by side. One res was getting slimy roots, with all the other problems associated with it; lower leaves showing multiple deficiencies. Seems to me that this is what I screwed up… as usual in hydro, it was O2. I was trying to run airstones that were too large for the air pump. I had 6 stones and ended up not pushing air thru them. So I removed all six stones and left the 6 tubings to blow air w/o stones. I ended up with the center area of roots yucked out, but there is fresh white roots popping out the sides of netpot. So I had 2 of the three plants with 2 root systems, one center yucky, one healthy set out sides. I pulled off all the center slimy roots last night, leaving 1 good sets of roots. Not sure if I can save them or not. Time will tell…