RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


Just put down the blueberry rdwc, it never recovered from the neem OD. Probably going to lose the other two within the next week in that res.


awe man sorry. im gonna drop blueberry or gold leaf soon. best of luck with those two in the res


I am in the process of taking down the last two gals in res that didn’t recover from the neem oil overdose. The one MC clone dried up and am taking down my Lemon Alien Dawg. It tried to recover and is growing at end of branches, but nowhere else. I know if I wait 3 more days it will be too late, so I cut 15 mc clones from her. I also lost 2 of 3 mc clones from same thing, I dried up all the leaves on em.

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You are keeping those clones in a humidity dome right?


@bryan really ambitious grow man I’m impressed, hope on doing a RDWC SOG myself one day, much like your grow. Hope you keep posting here.


Spraying with plain distilled water. Prepped rockwool circles with Butyric acid solution in distilled water and a dip in Clonex for the cuttings. The humidity dome is just the same container they are in, placed over the top with duct tape along one side as the hinge. I really want to save this strain.


I appreciate that. Seems like every grow journal I have ends as a brutally honest list of screwups and “learning experiences “.


join the club. oh wait we all did


Story of my life so far with cannabis.


im switching nutes and grow medium for next grow im hoping that simplifies my life. lol famous last words


Honestly man stick with it, this is just one of those things, all in all still a great read and one of the more interesting grows I’ve seen lately. I’m sure you’ll pull in a fat harvest next time


Well, I have two that made it. One Mango Skunk in rdwc, , one monster cropped clone in 5 gallon bucket of soil. So, truth be told, when I started with 3 27 gal reservoirs, I did not realize the volume of nutes they required when changing out water. I am disabled on fixed income. The cost. Made me not change res water as needed to save a buck. Could not afford needed amounts of nutes to do all three res. Figured it out too late. But I learned a bunch and feel a lot more confidence, still have a res with 1 plant, and will only run 1 rdwc at a time. I added another 2, 5 gal bubble buckets.


My plans tend to go haywire a lot. Please, correct my next plan. I want to go with coco coir mixed with perlite at 2-1 ratio. My thinking is that coco will not require the large volume of nutrients that 3 rdwc did. So I can still go hydro and hopefully save a few bucks. Hey @peachfuzz. Is my plan feasible?


Did you see my hybrid , hydro , soil or coco self watering systems… :wink:
If not … I send you some pics… @blackthumbbetty just was asking about the same thing… :grin:
This system works extremely well… I’ll set you up… powdered nutrients… super cheap in the long run… and simple … :wink:
Especially if you add an air stone… crazy results… :wink:


I would definitely be in on learning that part. I’m using all powdered notes that I can. And found a brand for about half the cost for Maxi series but haven’t tried it yet Tag me when you do, I will be adding 3-4 coco/ perlite 3 gallon cloth pots tomorrow


I bought Mega crop to use as soon as my GH runs out. It’s pretty darn cheap.


Think it was $14 wasn’t it? Bout as cheap as it gets lol.


I got a 22 pound bag for $55 plus $12 shipping or something. It’s crazy cheap and the feeding schedule is simple.


Will look at that one. I been eyeing a brand called Grow More cuz I liked how strong their ph up & down. Then I looked at their dry, water soluble nutes and I can pretty closely match the npk numbers of all the Maxi series Will definitely look at that other brand today


i have the whole line from megacrop and so far i really like it. it helped bring out the aroma in my flowering girls and i saw trichome improvement almost overnight