RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


wasn’t paying enough attention yesterday. This morning I found a top cola from the Lemon Alien Dawg had grown into the light and fried the tip off. The lights are already at the top, so I had to tie down the whole plant today. I tried two times to supercrop and both ended up as “inadvertent clones” after they snapped instead. The first one I snapped is rooted and growing in 5 gallon bucket. The other is in rockwool for 4-5 days so far. 3 of my nine new seedlings are up today. There are still 9 clones left from last harvest plants. Been culling the weaker looking ones, down from 30 to 9. trying to keep the clones far from light after rooted to try to slow down their growth, as I have nowhere to put them.


nice problem to have, too many plants growing too many big buds…


I need that problem!


I broken them before while super cropping. I just put them back together with duct tape


I didn’t know this one broke until I just saw the picture. Picture taken first part of September


aw :frowning:


Well, after tying down my lemon alien dawg yesterday, went out this morning and found it doing worse. And I exposed my blueberry to more light hitting it. The leaves under the light are drooping on it. Not sure why, but both reservoirs had plummeted ph over last 2 days and it took quite a bit of 45% KOH to get them back up to 6,0 I am going to try a different different propagation technique in next netpot grow, putting a planted netcup sitting in clear cup until roots have dropped enough to be below bottom of pot prior to moving into rdwc


Isn’t that N toxicity? Those leaves are really dark.


I got one of my babies looking sad to. Not sure why. I really like the idea of the net pot in the cup. I planned to leave my next grow in my starting container until they get much bigger as well. I’m thinking like two weeks maybe even 3 just to get them enough roots so that they can take off immediately after moving into the totes. But I have 6 inch pots so I’ll have do something different.


@Vexer @DoobieNoobie definitely a chance of N too. Entire res going bad on me overnight with all plants totally dropped over. My other res has some leaves with light burn cuz of too much neem oil with lights on. I am worried I am going to lose whole res. When all else fails, change out the water. Took 30 minutes to complete both of the rdwc. Now to see if it can be saved or not.


I think I figured out my problem. 3 of 4 are in the water with roots. I forgot to top feed the one that isn’t yet…2 days in a row and that’s my unhappy one. So maybe that’ll fix it.

Hopefully the res change gets you back on track.


I think it was a malfunction with my tds meter going bad a few days ago and not realizing it. I pumped out 12 gallons from each one and refilled 12 gallons of tap water (ppm 220). Rechecked ppm with new meter and ppm was still around 1250 after adding full res of tap water


I’ve wondered how you’d know if a ppm meter was bad? I’ve been checking mine against my tap water and some distilled just to make sure it’s still showing the same. I probably should buy a good one instead of relying on this super cheap one.


ditto that. theres a lot of stuff.

now i need to join the lab so i can learn how to actually do all these things


I moved one of my clones into a netpot tonight Rinsed off dirt from roots, placed to bottom of netpot and filled with hydroton. The roots go into water about 1 inch, and water level is elevated up past bottom of pot. I cut out half of the bottom of pot, making larger holes to drop roots thru. Now I have Kratsky netpot incubator where I can grow roots deep enough to be good; all before putting into a reservoir. They should be fully rooted before moving to res. I used 3 1/2 inch pot. I hope it works


i like ur idea, lets see how it goes


well it did not turn out so well. Too top heavy and fell over, Plus a MAJOR screwup that almost took out my entire crop. Sprayed too much neem oil foliar spray for mites. Apparently it blocked the leaves from being able to transpire, resulting in the leaves All went limp and fell over The 2 of 3monster cropped gals burned off the end of the leaves from soaking and not thinking A bout help close my lights more. It doesn’t look like my blueberry is going to make it. the Mango skunk took it like a champ.


Oh no man. Sorry to hear about that.


That sucks. I was trying to think if a spray of water and dish soap would help clear the oil off but I’m not sure I’d want dish soap on the buds? I guess it would pay to use green soap or something just in case if you did.


that is alright, it Happens. Adding 2 more plants in coco loco. My first coco plant grow with blueberry auto and Girl Scout cookies auto. As for neem oil, no more in flowering, only thing that I think would work better is a peroxide water spray