RDWC Plants maturing different rates


1 of 4 plants sharing a 5 bucket recirculating deep water culture has reddening pistils. The trichomes are clear like the other 3, but if this stupid plant keeps up with the early finishing, how am I going to flush it, or should I simply not flush it? Expected harvest (based on when I went to 12/12 light) is around the end of this month. This plant has had reddish pistils for over 2 weeks now (pretty much as soon as they were large popcorn sized buds, it showed the red pistils).

California Dream-feminized not auto flowering, first time growing anything but old and fat.

Oh and I am aiming for a record setting case of couch lock with this if any one has any tips for best time to harvest with that in mind. Was planning on doing the 1 week flush when I saw the first amber trichome and seeing how that timing goes, but that one stupid early finisher might be messing up those plans and I don’t know what to do about it. Going to do the next grow in dirt and see what I like better.

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I had the same problem but mine isn’t a bucket system. So luckily for you the solution is easy. Go grab an extra bucket fill it with plain water and switch the plant to it for a 3 day flush. You just need to change the water out twice and you’ll be good to go. Otherwise no flush and it’ll be fine as well. You don’t need more than 3 days of flushing in hydro. As for couch lock extreme shoot for at least 30% up to 50% amber.


Do that now then stuff it back in with the rest or wait till it’s ready for harvest and move it to it’s own bucket for the 3 day flush? I’m not seeing any cloudy trichomes and the buds are still pretty small (about golf ball sized for the larger ones on the top of the plants, but they are starting to grow together…)

And thanks for the % amber for the couch lock. Any guess on how long it takes to go from first visible amber to that range?

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No leave it with the others until it’s ready for flush. Add for how long on the amber that’s a tough question. Some plants will transition fairly quick others will get stuck and not progress much or even any at all past about 10 to 20% range. So it’s just a matter of watching. If I was going that high I’d probably start my flush when it was showing a good 20% and whatever it ends at is what you get.

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Thanks. 20% it is.


You’re welcome and post pics of your grow and setup. We all love plant pictures around here. :grin:


give me a few min, need to get someone with a phone camera

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No hurry. Just when you get time. There’s a lot of really experienced growers here that can help with almost anything. And it’s a great place to keep track of your plants progress.

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got a digital cam charging, a phone cam that’s not connecting to the internet, and 2 people around here with working phones that are missing them selves… will put up pics sometime today.

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I’ll try for a better pic of the whole setup later, the tallest plant is a little over 5.5 feet high, but it is sitting in a 5 gallon bucket… This is a 4x4x7 grow tent, 4 plants. (feet, I’m not one of the sissies who has to measure in metric because 10 cm sounds a hell of a lot more impressive than almost 4 inches…)


How long since you flipped lights?


somewhere in the first week of last month, I think. Very roughly 35 days ago.


Only really saw the buds at all for the last 3ish weeks, they are growing pretty fast. And yes, I see the minor nut burn, I’m slowly adding PH+ to get it back to 6. it was 4.2 today…


I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere but just because you have the same strain doesn’t mean they are all the same phenotype.

It’s possible for everything to be perfect and yet differemt “phenos” within the same strain to mature at different rates


Your in early flower. I’m in RDWC and I’m doing a partial harvest this weekend. It’s been 8wks since I first saw flowers, 11weeks since light flip. Even with fast strains, you have a ways to go. What strain we’re you growing.


California Dream, claims a 60 day flowering period, but the longer it takes, the bigger the buds, so no hurry.


I grew CD once and it is a fast flowering weed

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Yeah typically add at least one week but usually two (sometimes more ) to anything the breeders say. They look great keep up the good work!


How good was your CD for causing couch lock, and is there another strain you’d suggest if that’s my goal (which it is).