RDWC or DWC w/ watefall in the 2 grow buckets

Getting back into the game after a 25yr break.

Doing hydro instead of soil (which is the only way I have grown). Going basic with a closet in the garage that will be home to my Spider Farmers 27’’ x 55’’ tent and the SF2000 LED with two grow buckets and the res - Starting with White Widow using the Advanced Nutrients products for feeding.

I would like any input/feedback/suggestions for RDWC vs the DWC waterfall setups? Pros’s vs Cons?

Any & All feedback with be welcome.



Did you already buy your nutrients because I could give you a huge money saving tip there!

RDWC has a steeper learning curve than dwc though, you might want to start with dwc if you are new to hydro. you will need air stones, but dwc is much more forgiving than rdwc. and if you set up for dwc, you could convert to rdwc at a later point without much hassle. either way, i suggest using the biggest containers you can so you dont end up changing water out every few days. larger reservoirs are more stable too. if you go dwc, and use large containers, you may be able to fit a float valve in each site fed from a reserve res to let you go even longer without having to swap out your water (in rdwc you can do the same but you would only need a float valve in your control bucket). i also suggest one plant per container, otherwise you will usually end up with a few of them getting choked out by the more vigorous ones.


Large standing rez is the advantage to RDWC over DWC. As pointed out, buckets don’t hold more than 3.5 gallons when full and a flowering plant can consume a gallon or more a day: this means multiple refilling daily.

Water temps need to remain below 70F which may mean a chiller.

Yellow-topped totes work as a replacement for buckets so you’re not filling as often if you go DWC.

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I am just getting ready to try RDWC for the first time. I got most of my inspiration for my system from a PA hydroponics setup. He has videos on YouTube of his build. I believe RDWC should be easier to maintain, because the ph and ec should stay more stable. And allows you to use a chiller.


@Hotrod, Nice looking setup, @Myfriendis410, @Nicky - Thank you for the reply everyone.

I have decided on the RDWC w/ the waterfall because I will need to run lights at night so I will have to maintain/fill water during the day (lights off).

I have watched some of the PA Hydro videos. Actually I purchased the bulkheads from his site. I like his Fallponic setup which is similar to what I am doing.

I do have nutrients but did not spend an arm and a leg I have a buddy down in RI who gets me a SCREAMING deal!


Watching, any updates? Photos? I just got my bulkheads for my rdwc build, going with Jack’s 321 nutrients. Building the same system as PAhydro builds. Just going 1 bucket system 13gal plant and reservoir. 4x4 tent,1 plant in soil right now and will switch over after this grow

From what I’ve read, heard and seen in photos hydroponics plants can grow 2 times faster and larger than soil if done right. Now the question is “Can I do it right” Well Can Yea Punk? Will see Mr.Eastwood, will see!


Thank you for the follow up.

I have been in a holding pattern because of some issues with my Spider Farmer order. (WAITING ON A TENT FOR OVER A MONTH???)

I did end up going with the 2-Bucket RDWC setup that PA offers and it works great. Now I just need the tent to put it in!

I will definitely be entering a journal for my grow. I do have a Gold Leaf & White Widow in the humidity dome now and they have sprouted… Have I mentioned I am getting nervous about my tent??

I will keep you posted!

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I just went thur that with the bulkheads FAMILY, papa and mama and 4 kids. 6 total pcs ordered on 2/2 got shipped on 2/4 and got on 2/12 by fedex. Took forever… the package originated out of Michigan went to Ohio Bend Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, back to North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and in Idaho it was approximately 30 miles from my location down to Kennewick Washington which is 110 mi from my location and then finally it made it to me in Spokane. The Bulkheads family on a crazy wagon train ride. Is what I named it.

That stinks… Sorry to hear that!

I placed an order for the SF2000 kit on 12/12/20 and between the time I placed the order and the time it shipped Spider Farmer changed the size (made it the tent smaller???) of the tent and shipped everything out… When it arrived not only was it smaller but also had not ground openings for cables, vent or HYDRO LINES!
So I have been going back and forth for weeks with horrible customer service and no numbers to call to actually speak live to anyone… all I get it e-mail replies back at 3am (outsourced customer service)… SUCKS… SO FRUSTRATED!

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No, yours is way more complicated then what my situation was. That sounds a lot like my Infiniti fan that I ordered except they sent me the bigger one instead of the 4-inch I got the six inch and then I tried to call him up and they wanted a bunch of information and a photo of it I kept a 6-inch

That dwc looks nice. What’s the total gains and are you going to have a Reservoir? And what nutrients are you using? I just ordered and received Jack’s 321 for my rdwc project.

That’s gallons of water used?

Have you received your order yet?

@Ashleyroachclip - Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I DID get my tent and got everything set up. As I stated I will be setting up a journal. Hopefully this weekend!

Here is my set-up!

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@Ashleyroachclip - Thank you for asking! I have to get things organized better today/this weekend. Add another extension cord, zip tied off and get the timer set.

My buddy donated the chiller and I scored the guardian off craigslist for $150 so those two items I feel REALLY help out the guy who has not grown in 25yrs and never in hydro.

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Nice setup, I have to get a chiller still. Look like your on it already. Great looking plant and keep posting pictures. :grinning:

I figured I would post a few updates here. I need to get some training happening this weekend. I topped her off last weekend.

SHE IS BUSHY to say the least!

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She is coming along nicely! Just a few more weeks til harvest!