RDWC Ongoing Hydro Grow

Welcome to our Hydro grow room.
We have a 10’L x 5’W x 8’H room with two intake vents and one exhaust vent. Our flower foot print area is 5’ x 3’ x 8’. We have two grow sites using Recycling Deep Water Culture (rdwc) method and each will have a 36”L x 28”W scrog. (Maybe two each.)

Lights - ChilLed x3 Mini 200 watt light above each plant. ($550. For both)
AC Infinity Cloudline S6” exhaust fan and filter. ($170. For both)
2 small fans and one turbo fan for the plants. ($79. For all 3)
Hydro (rdwc) setup with two 20 gal totes to grow in. ($47. For both)
A 20 gal garbage can for a reservoir. ($30.)
1/10 hp Active Aqua Chiller ($293.)
1 - 400 gal./hr. Active Aqua water pump. ($26.)
(NEW) Upgraded to a Vivosun 950 air pump. ($48.)
6 - 1”x2” air stones and hose ($31.)
1 - 1.5” PVC (10ft.), PVC elbows and Cutoff valves and glue ($80)
1.5” Bulkhead unions (4 for $58.)
2 - ¾” Bulkhead Unions, ($28.)
¾” elbows (2), 1 Tee and ¾” black hose. ($55.)

$1,495 all in…. (roughly!). A few other misc stuff not included. Not too bad I don’t think.

Oh trust me, there has been a lot more spent over the last 3 years but, I think I’m done spending till I’m not…lol
Maybe somebody can take this and improve upon it for their new grow…. Custom to fit in our space. I’m sure there are also cheaper ones that will do the same job but we are happy with it.

I also got two extension polls from amazon that goes from the floor to the ceiling to mount my fans on. I use to use the polls on the tent when I had one so I come up with this idea. I have two clip on fans that I cut the clip off and drilled 4 hole so I could strap them onto the poll. Works great.

So, we dropped a Strawberry Cough seed (left side) and a Train Wreck seed (right side) in water on Jan 1.
I did something a little different this time and skipped the paper towel part and went straight to a peat pellet after almost 24 hrs of water. (Not recommended). They broke ground on the Jan. 6.

I had to do a C-section on the Strawberry Cough and turn her right side up…lol
This was about the fifth time I’ve had this happen over the years which I thought I was not planting them deep enough but now believe, after cutting the pellet open, it was probably the pete pellets are still pretty compact after they are hydrated. They need to be stirred/fluffed up after they are hydrated. Both are growing… thankfully.

My 18” 17W T5 light burned out on me when I cut it on. You can NOT get a replacement bulb for it….ANYWHERE! I’ve had it for several years. So, I set the heat matt dome and all on my tote and lowered the big girl light.

I lowered the light to 12” @ 25% power for a few days and she was doing fine. I decided to lower it some more and gave it a day or two, still doing fine. I cranked the power up about 10%…. and voila, light Issues.

IMO, with the light height at 10” @ about 30%, this is a prime example of how the leaves will stand up with just a little bit too much light. This is true anytime during a grow. Less is best sometimes.

Train Wreck 8 days old

So, I raised the light back up to 12” and turned down the intensity to about 25% and 8 hrs. later, you can see how her leaves have calmed down. She also started turning a little yellow on top. I tried to take a close up picture but old man tremble would let me…lol Too blurry.

This is Strawberry Cough, also 8 days. She’s a little smaller cause of the uh… c-section…lol
Also, got a little heavy on the water first day or two.

And both of them together. SC (right) & TW (left).

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read all this.
All comments and suggestions are welcome or encourage so we all can help others. :+1: :v: :sunglasses:


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Well I’m glad she made it through the C-section and is a happy healthy seedling now for the most part. They look amazing my friend :clap:. I feel you on the set up costs brother I’m right around that number because I had to go stealth with it haha. Love it I’m here you know that :100::muscle: The autos I grew in my first grow were a strawberry cough x


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Thanks for the invite, love the setup!!

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What a cool thread. Im in ! Know little about hydro, so great place to learn. Thanks @HappyHydroGrower. Is this a co op with @ConcreteBudz ??


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