RDWC Nutrient mixing advice wanted

Hi all just wanted to ask some advice on mixing nutrients for an RDWC system & this will be my first grow using this system & also growing indoors or with hydro at all.
I plan on using Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom (ph perfect) as a base & anything else I add will be AN as well.
I will be using 4 x 27 litre pots & a 50L res + a 100L/min air pump with 2 x 50mm stones in each pot + 4 stones in the main res.
I have a couple of questions since I haven’t been able to find a lot of info on RDWC systems when I search.

  1. Do I add most of the water to the system then mix nutes in a separate bucket & add all at once or can I add all the nutes 1 by 1 to the running system without causing any shock to the plants?

  2. How often should I change out the entire solution? I have read contradictions of change every week or every 2 weeks or don’t change until switching to flower.

I mix nutes in res lessens chance of burning roots because it’s diluted
and res changes should be 10 days give take adjustments can be made during top offs and daily ph checks

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Thanks @Donaldj. So adding nutes grow/micro/bloom part by part will be ok in a RDWC system & shouldnt cause any shock to the roots of the plants.

correct but 2 things to remember Micro first unless using Silicate then it’s second and correct ph after it’s had some time to stablize with nutrients added

What’s silicate?

Armor Si, Rhino Skin and pro silicate they are an additive for plant structure some is available in micro but most hydro growers add extra. Silicate is rarely needed in soil grows being that it is abundant in soil but in hydro it only comes suspended in nutrients it is used for cell elongation and structure often mentioned for drought and disease resistance.

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Gotcha, I wasn’t looking at adding Rhino but would it be a good idea to do that?

it does help makes stems thicker nutrient transfer better

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Thanks for the advice @Donaldj. I’m currently looking at using the below list of nutes, do you think that is too much for a first time?

Big Bud
Sensi Cal Mag
Revive (keeping on hand just in case it’s needed)
Flawless Finish

will make it pretty hard to learn what helps and what doesn’t learn a good 3 part with a couple additives first time around Cal mag Rhino lots of the others can just lead to high ppm issues

No problem, what would you recommend out of that list? Just cal mag + rhino or any of the others too?

Start with less is more thinking first you want to know how they grow without so you can figure out what helps through experience also pretty damn expensive when you can grow without them. I just think when starting out you should understand and learn base nutrients giving you a base line for grow then add things being able to judge any differences with them.


Sound advice @Donaldj I will just start with basics.