RDWC Design Help Please

I would like to build a 4 site “fallponic” system like the one on YouTube by Gary at PAHydroponics. After looking at his design I noticed a couple things I could change that would save some money on fittings as well as time to build and reducing possible leak sites. The diagram on the left is my idea and the one on the right is Gary’s. Green lines are water input, blue lines are 3” returns to the reservoir and pump which is yellow. As the flow of water is determined or restricted if you will, by the size of the pipe entering the reservoir I see no reason the system on the left wouldn’t work equally as well and at the same time reducing on some expensive fittings.

Is my logic correct or have I over medicated ?


Don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Just remember in plumming crap runs downhill.

I would do it.
just make sure the tank is not gonna be in your way coming out of the middle of your set up instead of the side.

The setup on the left appears to need to use several T fittings instead of straight PVC: to me that’s more fittings than less, plus multiple leak paths at every glue joint. Just my opinion but I like the one on the right better.

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I would build the one on the left…
It’s the better engineered…
Less likely to leak and more efficient equal librium of pressure back to main resovior … :+1::wink:

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Hello Ta2ude,

I realize I’m probably too late (months), but I have the exact RDWC system from Gary at PAH. Two things I would be worried about in your design. 1. Using the t-fittings may require a lot of real estate and thus a larger tent. 2. Are you able to exit thru the middle of your tent? Good luck! (I have just started my first grow)

@Ta2ude did you end up building your RDWC system? My buddy wants to build one too so I’m curious.