Ray's grow 7 season strawberry ice

Who are our organic guys? I have a question about measurements. I put 1/2 cup of fish bone meal and langbeinite with 1/4cup of bio live. I am wondering if that’s enough for a six foot plant in a 5 gal pot. Or should I add more. Same question for her sister who is in the dirt in the garden. @Missiles @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @GreenJewels


I’m new to organics and living soil. I don’t feel comfortable giving advice but @AAA or @Budbrother or @Skydiver are always a wealth of organic knowledge :v::green_heart:

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What do the product instructions say? I usually follow the guidelines but at a 1/2 rate and twice as often.

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Ok my next question is for hydro growers. Ok my girls are really sucking up the water now about a gallon a day so I have to constantly give them new water and feed do I really need to change the water after a week or two because they use it so fast now. I might have to run a experiment on this lol.

@GreenJewels what I like about Jack’s is it’s a powder and it comes in plastic bags so I don’t have to pay for tons of water and plastic bottles. I ran the numbers and the 1 kilo bag will make 277 gallons of feed.

this it’s after I thinned them out


Jacks is UBER cost efficient. Sorry i missed the questions. Clones look great tho


I first heard of it on a chart from the Greenleaf megacrop website. They compared the ingredients and cost of several nutes, Jack’s and megacrop were the best deal.

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Wow these are just growing great I ran into a pH problem but fixed it. Basically I didn’t check it and my ppm jumped from 1050 to 1650 so she was just talking up water and not the nutrients lol. User error. The plants are now swinging from 5.5 to 6.5 with no ppm increases. I learned about shade response that’s one of the reasons only certain branches elongated. I thinned out a bunch of the canopy.
This is what they look like today. I think I have 3 more weeks in the girls outside so early October for those and 5 more weeks for these.

I do like how they are stacking on the SI strain


I understand what a phenotype is now lol only took 2 years to actually comprehend it. I am definitely going to clone her again she has very hyper growth. It’s a trait I want. I am going to search for a male or make a male and attempt my first cross next year. A winter project if you will lol. I’ll probably screw up along the way but that’s how you learn.
These are in there 4th week.

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