Raw Nutrients/Grow

I have some Raw Nutrients/grow and when I got it out today it was kinda solid like a bunch of hash nuggets so to speak. My question is are they still good and if so what can I do to make it like a fine powder again so I can get an accurate measurement when mixing? Thanks.

Grinding bowl

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

Wow earlier today I noticed my Raw Grow is also a somewhat
solid mass ? did some quick calculations on the 2 oz bag and
see it should have 12 tsp so I just cut it into 12 parts since the
directions say 1 tsp per 1 gal .

I think I will try and contact NPK and ask if this is a common problem
and if so what can be done to store so it does not happen again

I guess the other reason for concern would be directions say to
shack bag to make sure it is mixed well so if this was not mixed
before it became a soft solid it may not work as well as it should

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That is my big concern is the mix itself. Let me know if you contact them and what they say.

Just got off the phone with the NPK Rep. and was
told they are/were aware of the “Soft Solid” issue and
found it was due to the Amino Acids, They have since
found a way to package that has NOT caused this Issue.
(Was told they had opened a new package and let
it sit in open area for six months and its still in powder form.

I asked if there were any clues to the new packaging that I
could use to help identify it but was told there was NOT.

Expressed my concern about the product needing to be
shaken according to the packaging and was told it is very
well mixed before packaging and should be Fine… But you
know how I feel WHY THROW DICE.

I was instructed to take back and have the seller return for
replacement and they would honor the return if I was still
unsure of the mixture.

Wow they just don’t understand the time involved with their recomendation…