Rate my first grow

This first plant, I named her #1, has had some problems, I think I have her straightened out now.

2 has been almost problem free.

#3 has been problem free.

All three are Acapulco Gold, # 2 and three are 9 and 10 days younger than #1. All three will be flipped to flower June 20th. I have mainlined all three and super cropped # 1. I will probably super crop 2 and 3 within the next week. Please let me know what you think good or bad…I still can’t tag people, I know you are supposed to put @ in front of their name in optional tags, but I can’t seem to get it to work.


Looking good. Monitor the new growth on the one you think is fixed. When I had one look like that it was locking out. I gave it distilled water only for 2 weeks to stop the lock out. Ofc if it’s not locking out, don’t do that.

If nearing lockout you’d notice when watering. Since she’d be using way less than the other plants.

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Thanks Budz, I had a low ph problem with my soil “5.9” even though I was ph-ing my water around 6.3.

5.9 is fine.

The rootzone will drop in ph as nutrients uptake too.

I don’t even ph my water most the time. I use happy frog. It’s prebuffered. I’ll check my ph with nutes but if it’s between 5.5 and 7 I do nothing anymore. Which it always is. I used to bother with ph everytime. Then I learned what prebuffered soil meant. I’ve never ph adjusted a single drop in this plants life. Was a little low once. Just topped it up With tap water.

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Is the soil dry ?

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It was dry…

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Yeah plant looked thirsty

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I read somewhere that some nutrients can’t be absorbed at a ph less than 6.2.
It seemed to help when I raised the ph of my water. I know at first I thought it was just heat stress, but after a week or so with the light raised to 24" there was no change. Then I thought it might be a calcium deficiency so I sprayed the leaves top and bottom with an epson salt solution, then a few days later I raised the ph of the soil.

What soil are you using? If it’s not a prebuffered soil made for cannabis, like fox farms, you will have to keep ph in check
Slurry test for soil pH is way more accurate than checking run off pH btw

Promix general use, I think I might try super soil next. Thanks Budz

Yeah. Super soil takes any non chlorinated water just fine. The ecosystem will always buffer it.

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That’s some good info Budz. Thank you

That looks like a hydro chart. Soil is different and the pH should be higher (6.3 to 6.8.)

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That’s a nutrient uptake chart. The medium is irrelevant to that chart. We ph soil higher because it fluctuates more than hydro/innert mediums and will drop on its own as it uptakes. (Helped with buffered soil) As to where innert mediums have to be watered basically everyday. So the ph is lower. To make up for what the soil does automatically.
You can grow faster in hydro because you can keep it right there in the high 5s

Keystone made the point that led me to research this more. When he said he never adjusts his water in soil. Just declorinates it. Comes out his faucet at around 7pH, neutral. And since he uses pre buffered soil, like happy frog. It would take more than 3 grows to throw that buffer out. As long as you don’t salt it to death.

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Here’s a chart that compares soil and hydro requirements side-by-side.

And soil specific guidelines are here:

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