Rare plant problem

A question from a fellow grower:


I’m about two weeks from harvest and just started noticing this “thing” on my plants.

I use a 4x4 grow tent with two LED lights.

What can I do?

You have to fill out a help ticket bro so we can see the big picture and help out More.

Not sure what you got going on there but I’d say remove affected fan leaves if possible for starters to prevent spreading ?

Not sure if they are a type of aphid, but they actually look like scale to me. I didn’t know marijuana was susceptible to them which is why I mentioned aphids. Possibly mites as well, but I haven’t seen green ones before.

@Majiktoker or @garrigan62 may know the best way to treat for them. We’ll call @Aquaponic_Dumme as well.

It’s a pest issue though. Just need the best advice for treatment. If they can’t help, they’ll call in the heavy artillery! :wink:

It’s all good! Help is on it’s way…


@Paranorman, could you have a look? I just noticed you were around.

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I did, I couldn’t really make out the picture I downloaded it I mean it’s just not easy to see the picture, I see some spots but I can’t really make anything out from that pic ?

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You have your hands on your shades…pull 'em off!! :sunglasses::wink: lol

I understand. My eyes are going too…

I’ll try to get a better picture.

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Take a few different pics, the more the merrier, makes it easier to diagnose seeing the bad leaves and the plant as a whole.

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Here you go, try these. As you can see they have pretty well taken over some of the branches and stems.

I think it’s pretty well harvest time for this one.

No you are right and i’m wrong. I thought it over about your answer and cam up with this:

these are aphid eggs


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His aren’t tightly grouped like that though.

I’m leaning towards you being correct about the mites. I also went back to look…

That’s a filtered image to highlight what convinced me about the mites. I didn’t notice the little legs before.

A screenshot from his enlarged image that I filtered…

Just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…:wink:

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Spider Mites or Aphids this wil kill them all


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Burn everything, as high heat kills scale. Definitely deep clean room, start over.


There is no doubt, that is scale

I have a product called Spider Mite Killer from Growers Trust. Will this work or do I need something else? And thanks very much!

The problem is that what you are seeing is actually a protective waxy structure that the scale insect lives under. Many pesticides cannot penetrate that structure. I used to work in the wholesale nursery industry and we used very potent systemic pesticides to control scale. To my knowledge scale is difficult to eradicate and I would recommend smoking anything that was sprayed with those chemicals. On orchids I mechanically remove them using my thumbnail but this is different and you have quite an infestation. Personally I would get them out of the grow room immediately and scrub that grow room spotless because you may have eggs in it.


With it so far into Flower, I hate to say it, but I’d throw it out. I would not opt to try systemic pesticides of any kind. It’s not worth getting sick.

Prevention is the answer to all insect infestations.
No pets.
No walks in the woods before gardening
No outside plants brought in
Wash hands and clothing
Clean up waste
Keep clean your garden
Sanitize your tools and work areas.
Cleans in between grows…

Be safe…

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@Aquaponic_Dumme my thoughts exactly!

Oopsl, I meant NOT recommend smoking any thing sprayed with those insecticides!