Rare mutation (buds growing up the leaves)

This mutation is called bulbids

I don’t know if any others have seen this mutation, so I wanted to share this with all of our members here.

Please share your thoughts I’m curious to see how many people have seen this if any


Never saw that before. Looks like unshaven armpits😱


Another reason to not hate stems.


That’s crazy. That’d be cool if the regular main colas fill and then those side shoots fill out. That would be a good mutation don’t you think? Lol


Yes quite interesting, its actually forming near the top of the cola, so I think it will grow to be apart of the top cola. Hopefully, I’m excited to see what happens

@ Stomper love the reply, it was the first time I have ever seen this and was curious if any others have as well.


Man! Majik, you seem to find all the rare oddities, lol.

Buds can form in some weird places sometimes.



Right exactly!! That picture you just posted is another form of a “bulbid” (bud growing on the leave), quiet intersting, have you ever seen this before @MacGyverStoner?

Also I’m waiting for it to start a little flower right on the leaf spot as shown in the photo you have posted. And @Macgyverstoner, bulbids are formed when a stem or branching conjoins with a leaf node I don’t know if you knew that, likely you did though :smile:

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Going to be creeper weed lol I know bad pun but I am stoned


All well lmao a pun’s a pun lol :smile:

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Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read that. I would have made a terrible mess, ROFL.


Thats new to me
Tjank you for sharing it love to see how it turns out

An update of the bulbids on the leaves


That is bugged out thanks for posting this
Live and learn learn learn lol
Nature is awesome you never know what it will do :+1::v:️️


what strain is that?

I actually had one of my auto white windows do something very similar to that I will have to go through my pictures and see if I can find to share

Hey that is pretty cool that you showed us that. I used too much of a brand of mycorhizae that had humid acid in it and a few of my plants grew with deformities. Could this have anything in common with bullies ?

No absolutely not it’s a mutation that just shows up…very rare

Snowcap, and I need to get another picture to upload its been a descent week

An update on the mutation, this plant is 5 1/2 weeks in flower. If you click on the picture you can see the trichome production. Shockingly quite thick


Indeed they are thick… in fact I think that is called bulbifery :


To resume it’s a common form of asexual reproduction by small bulbils form in the axils of leaves, in the floral axis or in the floral branches…

It’s fearly common in fruit plant such as tomato and pod pepper, however I have seen this only one time in 15 years of gardening fruits and vegetables, but I really don’t know if the prevalance is common in cannabis plant :wink::innocent::v: