Rapid led uv strip

Was thinking of trying uv
Anyone using this strip or are there better uv lights

The ones I tried sucked

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Hlg,UVA very nice lights a lot of members use them with great success

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I can second the HLG.

This past season I grew ILGM NYD inside and out. i got nice plants from outside a half pound or more from each lady of GOOD bud. A lot of larf but a solid half pound of bud.
Grew it inside, same bag and everything the outside came from.
Used the UVA in flower and while the buds were slightly smaller in structure I still ended up with a QP of some VERY sticky and resinous bud with much less larf.
The inside stuff under the UVA was a LOT stickier for real!! It even taste better and has an immediate “hit” when you taste that green first go.

I’m sitting here now looking at the box holding my Far Red strip that got delivered today!!
The success with the UVA encouraged me to explore other parts of the spectrum to exploit.
You only run the UVA in flower and you don’t want to expose them to much UVB as it can be damaging to the plant.

It’s legit science bro! LOL!!
But seriously, it works!


I use 2x 30 watt KingBrite UVA strips. They flank my HLG 260XL - I figure that way, tons of full spectrum, far reds, deep reds, and a lil supplemental UV.

My ladies haven’t complained.


In the 2x4 I’ve got the HLG UVA and soon the FGI Red red on either side of the 350R and slightly toed in the give better coverage. I checked the UVA with the 350 off.
I think the Far Red is considered “barely visible” to our eyes, so maybe I’ll have to take Grow Cat Camille back there with me when I install it and get her opinion. :rofl:

edit: the Far Red/Photo red stuff is really interesting when you get to reading about it.
Using Far Red at the correct time can have profound effects on the growth of plants.
It can do 2 things indoor growers really like, increase yields and speed up the process.
Read up on The Emerson Effect.
i won’t be able to use it completely this grow, since I’m 4 weeks since the flip, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m turning it on!! …when appropriate! LOL!

Oh yeah - that QP inside was from the NYD. I also grew a QP++ of ILGM Super Skunk in there too!!
I wish we could post text-sized vids. I have a cool one of my fingers one night I got stoned and decided to defoal the SS! LOL!

GET U 1 BRO!!!

Thanks guys
Will probably get the hlg one
How do you run yours 1 hour 2 hours during peak light or just all time lights are on ?

Mine are on the same timer as the rest of my lights. 12 on, 12 off.

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Yes - 12/12 with the main.
The Far Red won’t be used the same way though. It’s a different beast all together.

just curious how are you going to run the fgi red . You Know in case i head down that rabbit hole too ben doing some reading still trying to learn . All for the love of cannibis

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Ive ordered these UVA grow lights

TBH dude - I’m still trying to figure that out!! LOL!
I’m 4 weeks since the flip, so about 2 weeks in legitimate flowering and have probably 6-8 left, and they’re indicas. I was thinking I might run it for the last hour or so of lights on and 15 minutes after the main and UVA go off. I was hoping to maybe take advantage of The Emerson Effect and gain a little stretch and still quickly switching the plants priorities after lights out.
Kinda the best of both worlds if it works out.

Next fresh grow from start to finish will probably be different. Hopefully i will have learned more by then.
I can sometimes put the cart in front of the horse, but I got it now, so I’ll learn how to maximize it for my grows.