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If your power is out, throw them outside for a few hours. Just make sure that you put them back in the dark before 11 hours.

I got power back on at 3 o’clock should I leave the light on for 12 hours then just keep it on the 12 on 12 off schedule ??? Ranman.

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I got my power back at 3 o’clock yesterday so I put both back in tent until 3 o’clock in the morning. I have trimmed all dead leaves off the plant I drowned. The bottom half of the plant the leaves seem to be fine. I am trying to make a decision as to just hand it upside down until dry then try to cure the Buds in Quart jar. I’m just wondering what you think I should do? What really pisses me off is the good one in Tent I had to stop counting at 80 Buds. I just wonder if I should try to continue to save the drowned plant or just cut,hang,dry,&cure. Terrible rookie mistake. Especially after you warned me about if it ain’t broke leave it alone. And one . more thing, how many of those 12 quart bags do you think it will take to fill two 5 gallon fabric grow pots. Because Amazon charges about $22.00 bucks for each bag of the FFOF SOIL? Again you have been great thru this whole grow. Ranman.

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If you can find a local nursery with Fox Farms it should be cheaper. At least it is here. Their people can tell u exactly how much to order or buy if u go in and tell them how many gallons u need. Also, if the drown plant is surviving let it ride another week or two. The stress might make it better, or hermie. Who knows, some are very resilient. If you start to see male parts underneath then yank her out. Look on the internet at many pictures of make parts just in case so you can easily identify them. I would keep her growing until then myself.

I will try to find a Nursery thanks. After my power was off 30 hours. And the tent got really hot. After turning the light on for 12 hours to the drowned plant top buds were dry bottom ones were still moist so I cut it & have it hanging upside down. I will go buy some Quart jars tommorow and start curing it to see if it is smokeable. If not I have a friend who wanted all clippings when I am done. So if it is shit he will make butter with it and the other clippings when it’s done it looks really good still. Since they are photos I was planning on leaving the one in there until September Maybe October. September 25th it will be 5 months old, thats about right for Photos correct??? Thanks again. Ranman.

Welcome to the community. You have joined one of the better grow forms for home growers.

Welcome to your first successful grow. How did you find your first grow, did you learn anything? From what I read you had a great start, there are a few things that I see that could use some attention. So we will start there.
I saw that you got a TDS meter and that is good, do you also have a PH meter other than the three prong combination soil/light/ph stick? The combination sticks are useless PH is always the same, light reading will be useless once you have a full canopy, and you will find that it is better to water by the weight of the pot when it is dry compared to fully watered.
I water to runoff every two weeks to check PH levels in the soil to maintain correct levels for nute intake. Do you have the fabric pots in a drip tray with a spacer underneath to keep the pot out of the water? It not the pot will soak up all the runoff that leaches out and keep the soil soaked far too long causing root rot.(this is what I think happened to the plant that you tried to flush)

Next is your set up if you don’t have one you should get an exhaust fan for the tent to help with temp/humidity and air exchange for fresh air.
Now we need to talk about your light. They are very misleading, it may be listed as a 600 watt light its out put is maxed out at 150 watt. A 150w light will work for 1 plant but it will lack penetration.

May I ask the reason why you are going to switch to autos and not continuing with photos? If it is about yield photos will produce more than an auto. with autos you will have to purchase seed every grow, with photos you can find a strain that you like and take clones and never have to buy seed unless you want a new strain. With autos they have a set grow time (it will vary from plant to plant) they are not easier to grow, they can have the same problems as photos. Photos are light sensitive, you can veg them as long as you like. The longer they veg the bigger they get, after they flip to 12/12 they can take 8 - 16 weeks depending on the strain.
I would try to avoid any type of plant training until you have a few grow under your belt.

The best advice I can give is read any and every post that is related to any problem/question that you might have during your grow. I you do have a question put the @ in front of that persons name and they will get a notification @outdoorsforlife There are many experienced grower here and we are all here to help just ask, I you ask the question on your journal you can always go back to it in the future.

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To start with I bought Northern lights photos and used FFOF soil. I started 5 seeds in Jiffy Pellets and all of them sprouted,After 10 days my tent was set up, it came with a pretty good exshast fan. I bought a little 4" oscillating fan. I only had the 3 gallon fabric grow pots. I had 4 in the Tent at first. My Tent was cold so I put a small heater in there, By the way they were put in the Tent on April 25th. When I took the heater out & dropped it on 1 plant& ruined it. That left 3 plants in my 32/32/63" Tent.I had always planned on putting one outside which I did & it is doing fine. The 2 in the Tent where really doing great. I had bought some. Nutes called “Open Sesame” Bud Bloomz"&Cha-Ching. Both plants were really doing great. I had read about runoff to check the PH&TBS. To 1 plant I did it outside using a gallon or so of rain water which is the only water I have used from the very beginning. Here is where I messed up, I watered it the very next

day and drowned the plant. I tried everything to save it but the leaves crumbled up and the top buds started drying out, so I got it out of there. Now I have one left in the Tent & it seems to be thriving & I still have the one outside doing ok. I want to go to Auto,s do to the grow only being 12 weeks. The plant in the Tent is now is 108 days old. That means it has been in the Tent 98 days. Here is what it looks like. I am a first time grower,by the way my light is a 600 watt LED Light I also had to put another 9 inch fan. I was trying to cool the Temp in the tempature down. Because it is about 81/82 degrees in the daytime with the light on & drops to 75/77 degrees at night. My humidity in the Tent has run from 30 to 60 during this whole grow. Right now it’s only 32 percent humidity. Here is a picture. I hope you can see these pictures my phone is not great. Also I live in the Mid Alantic Coast. So the one plant left has about 80 buds & seems healthy, but the very tips of the leaves look burnt and curl under. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Since they are photos I was going to try to keep them going until September 25th or longer. By the way we just had a storm & I lost power for 30 hours. Which messed my light schedule up. Now the lights are on from 6.45pm to 6.45am. So I am using the light at the night time hours.I also drape a Towel over it during the dark time. I have stood inside the Tent and it is completely dark. No light seepage. If you need anymore information let me know & I thank you. Ranman.

I hope these pictures come thru if they don’t please let me know & I will have my wife send some with her I phone

That was a lot of information you just retyped, dont take thos the wrong way but that was way too much information for a response, being that it is already on your post. It will save you some time typing.
It is hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like your fan is pulling the air from the bottom of the tent up and out the top. You say they have been in the tent for 98 days. How lone have they been on the 12/12 light cycle? Ilgm northern lights has a 9 week flower time.

They are photos so growing time is much more than Auto,s. Ranman. And Thanks.

Also you are right the fan is hanging from top rear bar, but it,s getting air from an air conditioned room. Watching videos all should the set up as I have it. Ranman.

I hit the reply button by mistake.

If this is the only ph meter that you are using this will be part of your problem.

The pots need to be elevated off of the plates or the post will reabsorb the run off water keeping the lower part of the plant wet causing root rot.

It looks like you are going by if information that is posted on ILGM about strain.

All the information on strain (yeald, height, flower time, thc%) all that is from a plant grown under optimal conditions. The only thing that will be even close will be the flower time, but that will change depending on trichome color.
You keep saying you have a 600 led. It may be branded as a 600 w led. but it is only a 150watt light.

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ok that is why your tent is blowing out like a balloon as you said. Fan should be located at top of tent with ducting going outside of the tent, place a short section at the bottom of the tent on the outside with one bend to stop light from entering the tent this will create what is called negative pressure in the tent keeping the sides from blowing out. The fan will pull in fresh cool air and pull the hot humid air out.

If you are growing to supply your own meds I would stick with photos. A plant will mature in 4 to 6 weeks, from that point they can be flipped to 12/12 cycle. after that there is a 8 to 16 flower cycle, the longer they veg the bigger they will get having larger yealds. @MrPeat grows monsters photos on just a 12/12 cycle, @dbrn32 is the light guru, he can give you the best info on light for your tent. we all have grow journals with lots of information. read, read, ask questions and then read some more.

I see that your replys come from email. are you able to visit the actual site?


So what you are saying is I have too much of my duck going outside of the Tent? and I should pull some of the Duct back in where it barely comes out of one of the provided holes. Mine has 3 different places where you can run the Duct. Currently it comes out of the very bottom back hole. I just have the Duct pulled around the Tent. So I should pull it back in where it comes out and just have it barely sticking out…? It will be close to the wall. So the pressure making it Balloon is bad for the grow?? Ranman.

Yes I can go to the grow forum, but most all my help has been through TK.

This is what I was referring to, it will free up space in tent and allow for better air flow.

Are you reading other journals on the form?

Yes all types


So I am on my first grow. I got the Northern lights photos seeds. I put them in my tent on April 25th. There are some nice buds. I changed my light schedule to 12/12 about 3 weeks ago. My plants will have been in my tent 118 days the 18th I am trying to find out how much longer I should let them grow before cutting down.Ranman