Ranman 2nd Grow

I am on my 2nd grow. First grow I used Northern lights photos. Had 2 I drowned one in the last week. Got just over 1 once of premo looking Buds curing in jars. This time I went with Gorilla Glue Autoflowers. I need all the help I can get. My Tent is 32/32/60 with a 600 W LED LIGHT. So now you know what I am working with. My seeds are about 6 days old. I put them in Jiffy Pellets & 2 sprouted in 3 days. I put the seedlings in there permanent home yesterday & put them in there New 7 gallon fabric grow pots. I turned the light on yesterday for 12 hours. My light is 36 inches from these girls. Don’t want to shock them right out of there Jiffy Pellet Dome. As I said this is only my 2nd grow & First using Autoflowers. I use FFOF soil. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ranman.


Pictures help. In normal lighting.


I did a experiment with the jiffy pods and my autos. So far any plant that I used a jiffy pod to get started would start to flower extremely early even for a auto and would ultimately caused them to be stunted also . After harvesting each plant I checked the root system on them . They were all restricted by the pod and only a few big roots actually made it thru. I’m guessing since they dry up very tough and contract that if you miss a watering it would cause the jiffy pod to shrink even in the ground And would cause horrible root damage. Now this is just my experience , also did the same to some bags seeds I grew outside .

I noticed that on the plant I drowned on my First grow one plant broke through the little netting fine the other one did not. So this time I carefully cut the netting off before putting them in there New 7 gallon fabric grow pots. But thanks for responding. Ranman.

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