Randy_Marsh - Setting up Tegrity Farms - continuous grow



Blue Dream


constant changes in the veg tent :camping:


The strawberries are looking great!

Experiment completed, From Soil to Hydro From Hydro to Soil

now she will go outside with the rest


Just don’t get it confused with the other and smoke it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just waiting for some strawberries to come out man , would be even better if you could smoke them

Yeah, smoke 'em, and put whipped cream on 'em! What a deal!

Lol :laughing: damn let a man dream , image


Guess today was final defoliation, and I figured what killing my plant - heard about spider mites loving blue dream

Oh no! Show no mercy and destroy!

Treatment of today

gonna boil the crush pepper in water make sure the water is super spicy , mix dawn and garlic salt , I read that they have all this pores in the body, so I guess it’s spicy fiesta for them tonight


Well, did a wash and hang this morn. Just 1 of the 3. Other 2 aren’t quite ready. But here’s a pic of my baby dripping off in the shower.


Tzzz my man , congratulations on your harvest bro ,looking yummy

Well, it’s started. 2 more really close. Then, time to start some more!

O wow you have your eternal grow going?

Well, I would rather have another bunch started already, but I wait for this to finish. When my last two go into the dark, I’ll drop seeds.

damn this is the Large , almos 80 bucks won’t even be able to fit one plant - Size Large -

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I see yeah, I’m working out my timing as well, barely picking up a momentum and I’m already running out of seeds xD , still thinking what I’m going to get next

I got plenty of seeds! Got another bunch coming, should be tomorrow.