Randy_Marsh - Setting up Tegrity Farms - continuous grow

Reggie #1

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They’re so cute!

Yeah :sunglasses: they will be train

Started training


What age did you start training the lady’s ?

This seedlings

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They are 30 days from seed

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Not really… I’ve just been looking for an excuse to post that.

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You should call it “Tegrity yoga studio”

Yeah it was alil late but flower not ready so she vegging for longer, she didn’t mind , she’s adapting fairly quickly , still learning the flow for the continuous grow

She did good I wouldn’t recommend late training but just comfortable doing it anyways

Update it’s been a while

this blue Dream its coming out better then last blue


Coming along nicely. LST is treating them well. I’ve heard those Blue Dream stretch like crazy, save yourself room to keep training them outwards for like 3 weeks after you flip the lights or you’ll wind up like my tent full of sativas running out of height and space to go sideways!

What’s your soil mix?

a lot of changes - had to move my tent , 7 days looking ok , not what I wanted after many broken branches , but definitely healthy and looking better than last grow