Random Topic: Advice on Nicotine Devices

Ok so i used to smoke a pack a day, then got down to 2-3x per day for many years. This past year I was turned onto the Juul (no, I’m not buying fake Juul packs, I was buying them online straight from Juul), but UNFORTUNATELY, Juul is not sending/selling any flavors (EVEN THE GODDAM MINT) in NY. DA FUQ?!? Needless to say, I can get the tobacco and menthol ones, but the menthol ones have spearmint in them and spearmint makes me sick, and I just dont smoke regular any more :confused:
SO. I was going to try and maybe just get into “vaping” like with the traditional devices, but none of the ones I’ve had smoke like a cigarette! And I hate that! I like the “harshness” I’ve gotten with the juul, and I’ve tried many other devices but to no avail… so short of quitting (which I plan to do long term), what do you guys use??? I think I’m just gonna go grab my old camel crushes for now …

I know the different Vape pens some are direct inhale some you can pull and keep it in your mouth then inhale you would have to go to a Vape shop And ask but unfortunately this is what I use


Try the patch or gum. I drive almost an hour each way to work and home, and spend a lot of time in vehicle while at work. Having something to do in place of smoking is probably more difficult for me than the nicotine withdrawal. In my opinion its easier to separate the two and tackle one of them at a time. As soon as you get over the habit of taking smoke breaks and having one in your hand, then move to the lower dosage.

I don’t really like the taste of the gum or the tingle it puts in back of my throat. But I do feel like that is kind of motivating to wait until I’m about to freak out before chewing a piece. I also like the gum because it’s easy to feel like I’m making progress by prolonging the frequency in which I chew a piece. And it’s not really difficult to keep an emergency piece around to battle urges like stabbing someone in the neck with a screwdriver lol.

The handful of people I know that actually quit smoking with a vape still vape. And I don’t believe they’re saving money or living a more healthy lifestyle.


i’m using Chantix… 2 1/2 packs a day to just 1/2 a day. I feel much better.
But this isn’t for everybody. See your Doctor first

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