Random Small Questions

I have a few small random questions. I don’t know where to put them. Maybe we can have a thread of just small, random questions.

#1 How much wind is too much? When I started, I had 4 fans, and no issues (3 oscillate). Now the canopy is so tall and thick, when I point the fans at them, even on slow, the leaves fly everywhere. Although it looks violent, there is no apparent damage. Is this ok or is this stressful? Right now I am trying to bounce the wind off the side of the tent to defuse it, but I am concerned I need to get some down deep in the canopy? ANy experience to help here?

#2 I am going to have a lot lot lot of leaves. I would rather no one in my neighborhood knows that I am growing for security reasons, as it is legal here. Any ideas on low key disposal of excess highly identifiable green matter?

#3 My plants got far bushier than I was expecting. I would rather not cull any, and pruning is not advised as they are autos. Is there a danger besides lowering yield per plant of having things crowded in the tent?

Thanks in advance for any and all knowledge and experience.

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Oscillating fan makes it so there is relief in between wind gusts

Juice the leaves and drink it

Yes diseases and pests and mold/fungus if it’s too crowded

My plants are in 7 gal fabric pots in 14 inch trays. I have 10 plants arranged in the 5 side of a dice config x 2

Here is a current pic

What should I be aware of and looking for? I have yellow sticky strips and my humidity has been between 45-50, mostly lower.


Bugs start from the bottom so keep that area clean. Don’t leave leaves on the soil if they stay it will cause bugs. Watch humidity and have a bottom fan and a top fan

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ok, most of my plants have 1 or 2 lower leaves are slowly and have been yellowing and occasionally laying on the ground.

I wanted to prune them, but in research, along with not pruning autos, I saw a lot of advice suggesting this was natural and the plant would handle it. Is that false?

Leaves are on the soil means they fell off and were not pruned .

You are asking 2 questions in one I believe.

You’re very welcome

they have NOT fallen off, sorry if there was confusion. They are still attached, yellow, and occasionally lay down


Do whatever you want it’s personal preference just don’t let them fall on the soil.

You can trim some of the lower leafs off the plant if they start to yellow. I usualy wait until they are more than half dead before I cut them off.
If you have lower leafs that touch the soil I would usualy trim those off. I am currently growing some autos and I’ve trimmed off some lower leafs that were close to the soil and have not had any issues.
When your plants get later in flowering sometimes lower leafs will yellow and will fall off the plant which is pretty normal. As @Fever mentioned it’s good to remove them from the soil or floor of the tent to help prevent pests.
Those are some nice looking plants you got there :+1:

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I am estimating a full hefty bag of leaves. How the heck can I juice all that? Or more to the point, how the hell can I ingest all of that? I did consider making a mixed green salad with them, but I admit I have no idea how they taste. I will find out in a few weeks


thanks, its my 1st grow

i was a bit more successful than i planned for, so far, and wish to keep that trend going

I think i am going to pinch them off now and hope it doesn’t stress them. I do NOT want to tempt fate.

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It’s the juice challenge!!! You never heard of it? Lol

Or you can use it for mulch! Lol

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well, it is done!

They have been bothering me for awhile, so I am glad I finally got the nerve to do it. I hope it doesn’t shock them too much, but then again, I am not sure the walls of my tent can withstand them getting too much bigger

I accidentally plucked of a goodish leaf from the reek’n (that survived the great cal def of summer 2017), and a little baby bunch from mango cream

I ate an unblemished part of the leaf (was from the Reek’n) and it tasted pretty amazing and was quite unique. It was like a combo of fresh orange zest infused with fresh basil. It was quite good, although the texture was a little, um, thick!

I may be able to make something out of an essence of the leaves tho.

Ok, now about those oscillating fans…

I think I will put a video of what the plants do when the air hits them at low speed so you all can see why I am concerned. Thanks again!

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  1. Can you maybe point the fan up over your canopy and maybe another under and possibly maybe turn the 3rd down so not on full blast?

  2. You can freeze your leaves and use in salad, as a garnish for a nice steak, fry them, make brownies and place them on top for decoration, so many options. Or you can do as I do and put them in the garbage disposal cause I didn’t think eating nutes was a good idea.

  3. Doesn’t look like you have mulch choice here. Trim some leaves or try doing some LST to open some air space.

  4. Beware, Ive only had 3 grows and they didn’t look as good as yours. But don’t be afraid to try things to make your grow work for you. Ive tried LST my plant looked all tied up and twisted like a hostage in a bank robbery. Ive tried defoliating which most are against. Gotta say it wasn’t too bad, my buds were bigger and denser then my first 2 grows. And for this next grow I am going to try a SCROG grow and have to make my own trellis cause I spent a bunch of money on a fan, ph meter, tds meter. Oh yea and did I mention I stopped checking PH in my first grow, lol ask anyone. Im learning I mean that’s how we learn try different techniques and pick the one that best suits your needs and time and go with it.

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I tried LST at the beginning and then chickened out. Right now, frankly, there is nowhere to tie them up, no room

i will definitely make heavy use of LST during my next run, which will be photo sativas.

I bend mine from one side of the pot over and I clip my tie down to the pot. Think outside the box you will figure it out.

it is more like, any space i would bend them is firmly occupied by another plant

it would almost be comedy unless this could be a bad thing. i will have a new time lapse posted tomorrow as they enter their 7th week.

@mulch Have you seen my grow? Its comedy.

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um, i dunno

is it in a car? or in front of a car?

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