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I would like to know if the buds that grow lower on the stalk and are up close to it and hides the back side. Should I have been bending them down so the backside gets light or will it all work out well after curing?

Second question is, I just bought a vacuum sealer to use after I hang dry my buds. Is there any special advice anyone can give me to make things work out right?Processing: B808DC3E-87C7-495E-B320-42D8A746D9FF.jpeg…
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Dont use ur vacuum sealer until ur buds are dry and cured


I keep trying to upload pics but it won’t add them

It appears as though you are clicking on the “Reply” button before the picture files a finished loading. Wait a bit longer and watch for the message that says that loading is complete.

I wish you were right. I click the pics I want to add and wait for them to upload, I waited for several minutes and finally click cancel because they aren’t being added

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Sorry I can’t help…that was the only thing that I know to try.

Some times it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Upload pic first then do you writings. It helps.

I use a laptop. I use copy paste to load this

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Thanks for the advise but I don’t think I need pics to answer my question. I tried to upload the pics with no writing

Anyone that has finished a grow can you tell me if the small buds that grow under the main chola and is also hidden under leaves,(makes the back of the bud look like new growth). Does the unrippened spot ripen while the buds dry or are these areas just lost product. This is why I ask, should I have been pulling them away from the stalk to get light.

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I finally loaded a couple of pics can anyone help me answer my question
@merlin44 @beardless @Tezza2 @Westoe

I am not certain what you are asking but will tag a couple of experienced guys that may know how to answer your questions.
@Covertgrower @Holmes @PurpNGold74 @MattyBear


I revised my question, it would be the number 8 text message

Since I circled these I’ll send it but I see what you are asking in your photos

The ones you are pointing out will mature a little bit during the dry &cure period. But not all that much. If the trichomes are clear on them, I suspect they will stay clear. My thought is once it is cured and mixed in with everything else it provides a little balance. Weight / volume wise it is probably a minor %. However, If the main colas are significantly taller and a substantial amount of bud needs to mature further, then harvest what is ready and leave the other buds to grow and mature for a couple more weeks. It is a pain but I did it once early on.
More light will help them mature at a rate closer to the main buds. However, distance from the light has a big impact too. To that end, having a open and even canopy produces the most uniform buds.


I would really like to cut them a little at a time, I have definitely thought of this but I have to use my tent to dry in because I have absolutely no place that I can put them that the smell won’t bother people. I really would like to do selective cutting. Anyway, do you think on my next grow if I pull them away from the stalk while growing if could help this. Anyway thank you for answering, I try not to ask questions that I can get the answer from a video

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Indoor growers selectively remove fan leaves blocking bud sites. @Mr.chainbluelightning


Nothing to do with fan leaves, thanks for trying

@beardless answered my question

I stage harvest big plants. Top first. Givem a week or 2 then rest. They do fatten a little. Not much. But they ripen and are great for my edibles. Dont starve the second harvest guys. I treat it like normal. Big root ball feeding half as much.