Random Question about soil...sort of

I have a fire pit in my backyard and I need to burn some paper/branches and things. This is random, but are the ashes good for the plant?


Yes, wood ash make a very good soil amendement…

Here’s a link that explain what it can contain, the benefit and how to use it.

Hoping that’s helping you a little, @dmykins

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P.s. Oh! Warning! do not use the ash if you burn something else than wood material, dead leaves and branches…, no plastic, no tissues , no “things”… nothing else than wood material…


I know ash helps as a soil amendment but not sure at what point it is needed or what for . If you get even a decent soil and are growing indoors ( I’m once again not positive ) but I believe that the ash is more of a long term benefit. Some things people use for a 1 season grow actually take so long to beeak down to the point the plant can use it they throw the soil out before it helps .


@Niala great job thanks I will use that also and learn something today woo hoo . I save ash and put in the veggie garden but never my ffof soil all I put in it is Mykos Azos Mammoth P and D.E. for pests maybe I have been missing out


Yeap, your soil do not need amendement… lol :wink:

You’re welcome @Oldstoner, it’s always a pleasure to help fellow grower’s :grinning::+1:


Thanks for that article I just learned I use to much in my veggies from that link I had no idea it had that much calcium in it


Yeah, it’s a good replacement for dolomite lime :wink::+1::ok_hand: And have to be use with precaution, … Too much and your soil can be too hot…


Perfect. I am using FFOF so I probably won’t mess with the ash. It was just a random thought. Good to know for the future! Thanks everyone!


How very very interesting, learn more on here everyday than any school I’ve been to

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Just passing some school “stuff” and some experience :wink::grinning:


I always thought that it just added organic nutrients almost like composting the plants back into the garden at the end of the season and covering with burlap and plastic . I do that and then when the leafs fall I mulch them and dump them under there also and cover it back up till spring . It turns to dirt and I have a fine supply of Bass Worms