Random Lighting Question


I have an indoor grow going with LED Grow Lights, is sunlight overall better than any artificial light? If so, on a sunny day like today would it make sense to move my pots outside and out of the tent to get natural sunlight? Or is that too stressful?


Yes the sun is better but bringing your plant out side you expose her to a lot of stuff she wouldn’t normally come in contact with but it’s your call.


@Wishingilivedina420state is correct. Lots of bugs and disease to worry about as well as two legged varmints. I put mine out most days to save on electricity but I live where there are few insects.


@Myfriendis410 don’t forget the most important thing,

The chance of a MALE getting her pregnant :pregnant_woman:


Ooh, yeah, forgot about that. You always seem to end up with half a dozen seeds in a pound haha.


I will just stick with them staying in the grow room. Why fix if it’s not broken. Thanks guys!


I’m new on here and I’m trying to figure out if I can harvest since my light messed up. Pistils are about 70 percent changed…


What light do you have, and what’s wrong with it? Harvesting early will have a huge impact on potency and yeild. Perhaps we can help you repair your light?


It’s a 1200 watt a few of the LEDs went out and the fans on it started making this crazy ass noise and stopped working. The buds are super dense and smells great.


A few of the led’s being out isn’t a huge deal, but without fans the rest probably wouldn’t last long.

Noise is probably from bearing failure, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to remove power and take cover off to see. You can usually give them a little spin with your finger, any resistance at all is usually sign of bearing. They would normally spin for a while by themselves. While you’re in there, double check all the electrical connections or for any other signs of damage/failure.

If it’s as simple as a fan or 2 failed, they can be replaced for a few dollars. Electronic stores usually stock them, or Amazon.