Random Grow 2021

Here’s a few random plants that I had bumping around under my last grow.

Northern Lights, Blue Dream, White Cookies and ILGM Super Skunk

I had a few males so I threw in some ILGM super skunk late but they were flipped to 12 on day 21. One White cookie had to be flushed as it’s supersoil was too dang hot.

600 watt HPS and 300 Watt Cree cob led.
Carbon filter 6 inch exhaust
Air conditioner
Wall fans
4 inch inline duct fan intake.
3 gallon pots super soil and Bacto
PH 6.5
Haven’t checked tds yet, but soon will as I got one cookie bout burnt up in the middle that I’m nursing.

Been just watering these with a touch of AN Nirvana. This is a breeding project as I’m crossing them all with big beautiful indoor thrown outdoor Blue dream male.

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