Random black new growth

Does anyone have any idea what this is?

I have a mix of autoflower strains (white widow, ak47 and bubble gum). Outdoor grow. Some new growth (bud sites?) shows black in the leaves. None of the plants have this at all bud sites. One has this in 50% of them, most have 20% and a few have none. It does not rub off, it appears to be pigment in the leaves.

Is this normal?

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Looks like genetics. Even the pistils have a purple color. Your plant looks healthy.

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Hope it’s genetics. But we also have had a ton of rain so I’m wondering if that may have caused this. More pics here


“Ton of rain”. My vote: Overwatering. Could be to the point of Root Rot.

My vote: leaf septoria or a really weird calcium deficiency…possibly even something seeping into the soil from surrounding other trees and plants

I googled this for a cpl hours with no real luck on specific info

:man_shrugging:t2: Sry I couldn’t help more


I have seen more then a few pics here with same thing including mine. I am voting for genetics every one can not have the same issues blamed on over watering and root rot. Mine are absolutely not over watered or over fed. Check out the other posts. Different stains, growing mediums, inside outside, all with similar observations.
What’s the common factor? My girls are feminized Super Skunk from ILGM.

:arrow_up::grin:interesting…game changer?!? :rofl: