Raise ph in soil

I’m new, so bare with me .PH in outdoor pots is right at 3.Is that cool or should I push for 7.Plants look fine.

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??? Ahhhh you may wanna study a tad more. 3.1 pH is a death sentence for plants.

You got any PH up? Your medium also matters. In soil I shoot for 6.5 ph

But the coco growers here like it lower so the medium matters.


As gurilla asked, what media are you growing in and also how are you taking your ph reading ?


I would start by verifying my pH meter in a clean fresh bottle of 7 pH solution. To make sure the reading you’re getting is correct. I have never had pH that low.
Good luck


Thank you, I realized I was reading gauge wrong


I would flush,good I had this not long ago,twice 2 different pots the first I believe was my poor watering habits and I got a build up of nutrients,I changed pots &flushed too,but the second my pH was in the three’s I flushed and Held off on the vinegar since my water in almost 9 ,but you’ll be fine just do something fast.

Ok, but I got no issues mines fine! Lol!!!