Rainwater ph and ppm

I use collected rainwater. It is 7.0 ph.
When I add my nutes the solution drops to 5.9.
I use “Ph Up” and bring it to 6.5.
I have them in a 50/50 mix of FFOF and FFHF.
Does the ph up or ph down products add salt?
I want to give them pure rainwater every so often. Should I ph down it or is 7.0 okay?

Should I get a TDS meter and what should my testing parameters be? I’m trying to not lock out any nutes by keeping ph and ppm in the correct range.
So far so good but I want to learn more.

depending on the ph of your soil media since many mediums will buffer ph raise or lower it on their own you maybe fine to occasionally use a 7ph rain water simply because it has very low buffers in it the root zone itself may put it in the right range. I will add however controlling your ph all starts with what you put into it so adjusting ph of rainwater won’t hurt either it’s all dependant on what you know your media is doing to your run off every water. Since typically you get a run off different than what you put in.

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