Rainwater oh testing

Just curious I’m setting up a rainwater collection system. Is there a need to ph the water for a good grow? I’m using ffof soil 3-4 plants also have fox farm notes which I know not to start using until week 6 @ 1/2 the recommend dose. Thanks

Technically rainwater will be like distilled or RO and not need to be pH’d.

But collection methods, storage methods, and that acid rain thing can alter it.

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I don’t think live in a high populated area so pollution is low. Using rain gutter, storing rain water in a 45gal container, and using sanitized milk juggs. I’m supplementing with spring water. I was trying to avoid buying a expensive meter. Would you suggest test strips?

No. They just aren’t accurate enough

Rainwater can run off dirty roofing, through dirty gutters, and be stored in dirty barrels. So it’s purity can be questionable.

As for “expensive” pH meters. Having a reliable way to test pH (water, nutes, runoff) is an invaluable resource. It’s pretty much a necessity for most cannabis cultivation. Good news is that acceptable ones run $20±, and good ones $50±. That doesn’t seem too expensive to me.

Have a recommendation?

I had this one for a while. It was great until my clumsy hands broke the probe.

There are cheaper ones. Look for Atc (temp compensation) and ability to calibrate. Calibration fluid/powder are a bonus with some.

This looks decent.

Hopefully others will chime in

A good pH meter is the best troubleshooting tool you got besides your eyes. Apera PH meter as mentioned good choice.