Rainwater for nutes

After an abysmal drought last year of only 5" rain, we finally are getting some rain with our monsoon. I put out five gallon buckets, my wheelbarrow, and big storage tubs to collect. Believe me, a catchment system is being thought up now…anyways, these tent grown ILGM Purple Haze photo and ILGM California Dream photo have got not much else as far as nutes during their tenure on this planet. I have thought of putting rain water in the hydro res but that is 12 plants, going through at least 10 gallons a day, and I have not collected that amount.

Thought everyone would like to see the effects of rainwater on photos grown in FF Ocean. Super happy with these girls! My best yet. Waiting, she is preflower now, for Cali to start flowering. (Afghan auto in front of Cali)


Rainwater is free. I use it all the time.

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