Rainbow Haze Support request

First, I am a personal consumer and this is my second round of growing.
As mentioned in prior post, I had great success with AK-47, White Widow and Bubble Gum.
Second grow attempt is with a new mix pack called Rainbow Haze
Super Silver - growing fine
Purple Haze - grows but produced deformed seedling, (attached picture shows deformed seedling with two other plants, started at the same time. To date no change in the deformed plants for two weeks.
Blue Haze - does not germinate at all
I have made two attempts on both the Blue & Purple Haze.
Additional info below:

Strain: Purple Haze and Blue Haze
Soil: Standard potting soil (same for all grows to date)
PH: unknown
Strength: unknown
Lighting: (has been Sunlight from germination through seedlings to date)
Temperature: (In house so same as I live in)
Humidity: (In house so same as I live in)
No special ventilation, A/C or CO2

This doesn’t help much. I can see from pictures the small deformed plant appears to be over watered. When using plastic pots I always drill a ton of holes in the bottom and around the base to help drain and get some oxygen to the roots.


Thanks for the response, not sure what else I can offer as info…I mostly start indoors and grow outside. No problems to date using same soil, same pots and same process, until now with this last mix pack.
What I will add is, the pots do drain well. They have holes and drain into a catch underneath. These pots are only used for the seedlings. The two healthy plants, you see in the picture. (my last seeds of White Widow and Bubble Gum), have already been transplanted and are twice as high and full. I took this picture to show the difference. They were two weeks younger then my little deformed friend, whose leaves do not look like any plant I have seen before?

As a test I have started another Purple Haze. It popped up yesterday and is already showing its second set of leaves at the same height as the seedling first leaves, I have never saw this before, so possible another deformed plant coming. Also; what about the Blue Haze, still not germinating for me?

Yes, I am somewhat of a novice and a personal consumer, but I have germinated and grown a good number of plants, (this type, vegetables and do my own outdoor gardening), to know there is something odd going on here with the Blue Haze and Purple Haze.
Appreciate the back and forth…still open to suggestions?

How about using this? Be as detailed as possible. This is to help YOU with your plants so is incumbent on you to provide the best information possible. If you are not monitoring PH and TDS just say so. (Be prepared to get hammered if you don’t lol) This is essential.

In point of fact, unless out of the same bag, it’s NOT the same soil. As these are mixed with a 'dozer it’s tough to be exactly the same. Also while the soil is similar, the plants are not. Every single plant will respond differently to a particular environment.

There are numerous people all over the country reporting slow germination with ‘issues’. I attribute it either to the season or to bad juju on good old planet Earth lol so you are not alone there. (including me BTW)

Good day…and I would really like to put this whole soil thing to rest because as previously stated, I have germinated and grown all my plants in the same type soils from the same two brands (not some pile of dirt in my yard). Which in any case should have no baring on matters of germination because I have also germinated seeds in wet paper towels. BUT I checked the bag and it said;
21% Nitrogen; (.113% ammoniacal nitrogen & .0097% nitrate nitrogen), .11% Phosphate, .16% Soluble potash.
This does not explain why the Blue Haze will not germinate? They have been in the dirt and watered for over 2 weeks. I have four Super Silver and Purple Haze already well into seedling stages, (started at the same time). I have attempted 3 of the 5 seeds I ordered.
What is the next step as it did say Feminized seeds for guaranteed results?
BTW; I just placed another order for 10 more (different) seeds, so I trust and believe in ILGM and the quality of your product and services, just trying to resolve this one issue?
Much appreciated…VanO

That’s why. Seriously. You can point to other seeds growing just fine but these aren’t other seeds but the ones you are trying to grow. You ideally should be in a starter media like straight peat or coco with nothing but water for a couple of weeks. This is well-documented.

THE way to grow from seed is plant a bunch of seeds and cull the least vigorous plants, but can’t do that when each seed costs $20 lol.

There is a germination guarantee so reach out to Customer Support and they will make you happy. Give them lots of time: it’s kinda challenging now.

To those who responded, thank you for the insights from obviously more experience then I…
My third attempt to germinate the Blue Haze worked.
Used the old submerge in water process and success, it grew a tail. Will transfer to soil next.
Will chock the first two attempts up to user error.
Again thank you, VanO