Rain water test


I want some help in testing rain water and I couldn’t think of a better place then here.
If you all could help it would really be awesome.
The next time it rains if you can remember collect some rain and test it and log your findings here with a reply that’s it. PLEASE be honest ok…OH And the State you live in and South, East .North or West Part of your State.
Many of us use rain water and I believe it’s causing many a problem with growers here and all over.

So let the rain fall


North Carolina 7.4

Southeastern Nebraska 7.6

indiana. 7.4

East Tenn 7.1

Cape Cod Mass. 6.5


I’ll go first East Tenn… 4.5

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PH testing or?

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I’ll get back to you in a couple months, IF it rains in Vegas. It’s petty rare. But here’s the kicker… In Nevada, one can legally gamble, legally hire (is that even the right word? :joy: ) a prostitute, even grow cannabis, but you can’t legally collect rainwater! Such a strange place.

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@garrigan62 i will definitely test my rain water and I believe your bringing up a good point I noticed last season that when using my collected water that I appeared to have issues as well most likely to low ph
Unfortunately i just saw your thread and we are now out of a rain pattern here in NY
Looks like in 5 days i can test and pist results for you my friend
There are my states and local jurisdictions that prevent property owners from collecting the rain
It’s mostly the drier states where water rights come into play and before you set up a rain collection system one should always check local rules and regulations to prevent fines :wink:

Man, it just stormed the other night and I collected a big bowl of it. That’s what I was going to do, test it. But, I ended up just tossing it back out. Wish I would’ve tested now. I got it next time. I’m in Ohio by the way

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Wow a day late and a dollar short…lol

Ya that would be awesome if you don’t mind doing that…

Here in texas rain doubtful…but I’ll give ya reading when it does.

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I got a rain shower a few days back but I don’t have a ph reading but my ppms where at 27 South Texas

I haven’t checked this year but last year I started collecting rain water but after a day or 2 the buckets started looking like they had some type of potrolium product in it. Same bucket with tap water. No film so I dumped it. I believe the pH was 5.2 ish and I didn’t check the ppm. I will check this weekend as we are supposed to have plenty of rain


Ok cool…let me know please and where your at, The State and North, South East or west part of your State… Thank you so much


Rain water collected from down spout Tuesday :worried:

Southeastern Nebraska

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Wow what a swing from East Tenn to Southeastern Nebraska
……………………………… 4.5 …………. ………7.6……….

East Indiana (ohio Indiana line)

That’s why I posted picture :grin: Tap water is 7.1 FYI

From the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina I have 7.04…I checked it about 2 months ago and got same reading @garrigan62

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A friend and I will traveling to Florida. Do you know of any “off the beaten path” scenic detour we could check out in your area?


From which direction are you coming from @Fairieswear8oots?

TFrom Maryland

Does this help?

I was just thinking, Blue ridge mountains must have a scenic rout that isn’t touristy


Hello People, This Thread is for P H Rain Water, Not taking the Scenic route to anywhere.

Thank You